Thursday, June 30, 2011

Death Mesa: New Guidebook Available

BANG! card game Death Mesa Guidebook I finally decided to get cracking on updating the Death Mesa Guidebook, which sadly required remaking it from scratch since I only had a really old file available with my computer being stolen. I added in all of the information, rewordings, house rules, and rules changes from patches 1.03, 1.02, and 1.01. I also included in the Guidebook the playtesting rules to the Zombie Renegade. I made some changes on gameplay when there all the ghosts only have 1 role for simplification's sake. I added in some Robbers' Roost cards in the card explanations, and I modified the methods of production.

You can download the new Guidebook here.


  1. Robbers' Roost credit cards inside the minute card information, and I modified the strategy regarding generation.
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