Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Production: Cutting Cards

Regardless of which cards/card stock you print your custom cards, it has always been the case for me that you will need to trim your cards some (which also required printing the cards off-center, so that when you cut the sides they become centered). Otherwise the cards will not be the same size as your other BANG! cards, nor will they fit in the same card sleeves. Using scissors is a bad idea, giving you some poor edges that will be easily identified as not belonging to the original game. I recommend using a paper cutter instead. It will have a ruler built in that will help you cut the cards at the same, consistent spot.

For this job, I recommend the Fiskars Premium Paper Trimmer 12". If you click on that link, prices range from $29-$41 for total price (shipping include). I think's prices are almost always better. Another good bet is searching your mail for a Michael's, Robert's, or Hobby Lobby coupon. They usually have a coupon for 40-50% off any item of your choosing that is not on sale.

An even easier option might be to just on their website and find their local ad coupon and print it off (Links to this for Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Roberts). Grab/print this and go into your local store and buy the paper trimmer to save yourself some cash. Then go about cutting your cards to the right size (I'll get into more detail on this in the future). Then round the corners on the sides that have been trimmed (and other corners that need it), and then use an edger to smooth the edges.

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