BANG! Custom Expansions

BANG! is a great game not only for its easy and fun variants, but for the custom cards and expansions that can be added to it. Many players have toyed around with making their own cards since The Bullet provided some blank cards, but few have taken it very far. After all, there is only 1 blank playing card and 1 blank character card provided in the Bullet. DV-Giochi has also recently released blank cards for purchase, but the obscene shipping costs has kept most international BANG! fans from purchasing them. Thus, when players have opted to make their custom cards, most have made them at home on paper or blank card stock. Death Mesa is the only custom expansion I know so far to use a POD (printer on demand).

Because BANG! cards are an irritating European card size, few expansions have opted to add playing cards to the deck. If they do, it is usually only adding 1 or 2 cards to the deck, which they can use the blank card from the bullet for, or just paste it over some existing card. Robbers' Roost is the only expansion that focuses on adding playing cards to the deck. Most custom expansions focus on adding custom characters or custom event cards (in the vein of A Fistful of Cards, High Noon, or Wild West Show). This is the case for El Dorado, O. K. Corral, and the Peterson Pack. Event cards can be placed on slips of paper, and the quality doesn't matter too much, as the event cards are a separate deck. Death Mesa also uses a separate deck to avoid the sizing problem; it provides a separate playing card deck for eliminated players.

I have created, collected, translated, critiqued, and modified many custom BANG! expansions. Both Death Mesa and Robbers' Roost are my own creations. I wanted to make custom expansions available here at this page. I categorize the expansions, and for each expansion, I provide (1) a link to a more thorough explanation and review of the expansion with download links, (2) a short description of the expansion, and (3) an overall rating for the expansion.

I have allowed comments on the page. If you know of other custom BANG! expansions, please inform me of them. At the moment I am only posting full-blown expansions, not one or two hit wonders. I will create some miscellaneous card packs later, which group together many of the random cards that fans have made.

Completed Custom Expansions.

Decks for Eliminated Players.
  1. Death Mesa (Martin Pulido): When players are eliminated they continue to influence the game as ghosts. They draw and play cards from a custom, well-designed 52-card deck. All roles can still achieve victory, with some modified victory conditions. You can now use 18" x 12" card sheets with a printing service online. While I won't review my own work, I have had very many positive responses. Death Mesa is still in Beta stage, working out the kinks of the Zombie Renegade.
Playing Card Expansions.
  1. Robbers' Roost (Martin Pulido): Recently completed! Robbers' Roost adds many new playing cards and 16 characters (with custom art) to BANG! It also includes orange cards that are never played during a player's own turn, but during others' turns. Orange cards are designed to enhance teamwork, speed up the game, and keep you more involved as you await your turn. In a sense, Robbers' Roost is still a work in progress, as numerous changes to characters/cards are in the works. The purple cards are also being introduced.
Event Decks.
  1. O. K. Corral (Steve Elmore): In the vein of High Noon. Well-designed expansion with 24 new event cards that have good thematic value. Some cards are really fun such as Fatal shot (for a round, hit players must "draw!" On hearts, they lose another life point), while others like Search Warrant are poor (the Sheriff may choose to see one other player's role card). You may want to pick and choose which O. K. Corral cards you want to include in the event deck. 3.5/5.
  2. El Dorado (Jidan, Martin Pulido): In the vein of Wild West Show. Event cards can be ended by players discarding or playing Aces. Well-designed expansion (custom art even) with 18 new event cards that have good thematic value. El Dorado adds the new fascinating "Grave Digger" role. The new English edition has several card edits that dealt with balancing and interpretive issues from the past. Includes custom guidebook and tuckbox. 4/5.
  3. Peterson Pack (R. Peterson): In the vein of High Noon. Less pretty expansion, designed simply to be printed off on paper and cut out. However, it provides some excellent event cards like Green Flash (green cards can be played immediately) or Returning Fire (Each time you are hit, you draw—on hearts or diamonds, the player hitting you must play a Missed! card or lose 1 life point). Unfortunately, others are impractical like Quick Draw (you can play cards with the ‘add one more card symbol’ without having to add another card), or ruin the game's deception dynamic like Peeping Tom (at the start of your turn, you draw! If you get a 2-9 of hearts, you may take a peek at the role of any other player). As with O. K. Corral, you may wish to pull some of the cards from the deck. 3.5/5.


  1. La ostia... gracias por el bang!

  2. Podeis subir WILD WEST SHOW y las demas expansiones?

  3. Lo siento, pero no puedo subir estas expansiones oficiales. DV-Giochi tiene los derechos de autor, y no quiero violar estos derechos. Solemente subo las expansiones inoficiales. Gracias!

  4. Wouldn't it be nice if they made Robbers Roost and Death Mesa Official expansions? Then they could compile it all into a new Bullet!

  5. I appreciate the sentiment. It would be one big Bullet, though!

  6. Martin, Are you planning on releasing tuck box designs for the expansions? It would be super!!

  7. I'll keep your suggestion in mind. I'll also post tuckbox designs for El Dorado and BANG!/BANG!+DC that have already been made.

    If I do one for Death Mesa and Robbers' Roost, I will make designs for tuck boxes that can be used with a printing service.

  8. Hi, rather than buying the blank cards and drawing out everything uglily, is there any service that i can send pictures, and ideas to and let them print out everything for me as a custom expansion? if you do pls let me know.

    1. Hi Anonymous, I just printed out a custom copy of Robber's Roost using I made a custom "bridge sized" playing card deck and they came out pretty good! The color aren't perfect, and the cards might be 1/32" too large overall, but it didn't affect playing the game at all. I would recommend them. The interface is a little bit cumbersome, and it took quite some time to get them all uploaded, but i'm quite happy with the outcome.

  9. There was a online card genorator but it seems defunct.
    Would be great to see it up and running again.

    it was here...

  10. martin do you have a file pdf of "Bang! A Fistful of Cards" expansion?

  11. Hi Martin,

    As I mentioned in my suggestion to a March 5, 2012 post, I just got a custom deck of cards printed out for Robbers Roost and I'm quite pleased with the expansion! Is there somewhere more appropriate than here on this blog for me to ask some specific questions about the expansion that I'm still a little foggy on?


  12. Has anyone ever simply printed off these cards onto some sort of printer-friendly labels and stuck them onto an existing deck of cards? Aesthetically, they'd match the rest of the sets where it matters most (the backs) and I could live with the capabilities of my printer. But my worry is shuffling them and simply handling them often would lead to them to peel off.

    I am most interested in Robber's Roost. The orange cards are awesome enough, but I realized I was looking at an outdated instruction manual and that there are purple cards! I need this expansion.

  13. Ahojte
    Dneska som sa celý deň trápil nad prekladom a desingu kariet Death Mesa.
    Je to Americký doplnok a ide tam o to aby ste si zahrali aj po svojej smrti :)
    Link na stiahnutie karty sú v slovenčine ale návod (ktorý som neprekladal ) je v češtine.... Karty sú už vopred pripravené na tlač takže si ich vytlačte a hrajte :) naozaj to stojí zato :)
    Prajem peknú hru

    S pozdravom Michal Mahút

  14. Te faltó una importante expansion: Bang! Director's Cut (hay en español y en ingles):
    You missed an important expansion: Bang! Director's Cut (in Spanish and also in English):

  15. Nice work, thank you a lot.
    I have one problem - I don't know how to add on brown cards symbols under the picture. I guess it could be in a layer SYMBOLS: playing but I can't see it anywere. Could you please advise me? Thanks!!

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