Sunday, January 16, 2011

Rules: Official Two-Player BANG! Rules

For those who have less people to play BANG! with, but still want to give it a whirl, DV-Giochi has published the official rules to a Two-Player BANG! Variant. My wife and I tried out for 2 games, and it was pretty fun. Some of the characters' abilities have some balance issues for 2-player (Claus the Saint is an easy example for this), and on 1 game this was a problem. I might try to work out the kinks in this 2-player variant. There are other interesting variants at for 2-player that I will bring up later. Anyway, I encourage you to try that 2-player variant out.


  1. We play a less complicated 2-player version. Both players get an extra life on their character. You can jail each other and beers work any time.

  2. I can up with a very effective game style. Both people draw 3 player cards. You choose one, but you add 4 extra bullets to your life with the 3rd card. The amount of cards you can hold is determined by the top card(remove bullets from the bottom and move up, max you can have is 4). Beer has no effect, if it is drawn, discard and immediately redraw. Instead if drawing two cards, draw three. Certain characters are worthless/too strong (I.e. Herb hunter, willy the kid, etc.)