Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Character House Rules for Paul Regret, Uncle Will, and Claus the Saint

I have added some new character variants to the BANG! variants page. They include adjustments to Paul Regret, Uncle Will, and Claus the Saint to balance them better. Claus still needs work, but I think the other adjustments are satisfactory. Here is the improvement for Paul Regret:
Several BANG! players have noticed how Paul Regret is far weaker in Dodge City. Even Emiliano Sciarra admits that Paul Regret should have about 3.5 life points. Of course, 3.5 is not possible, so another solution is give Paul Regret a card limit +1. He has 3 life points, but can carry 4 cards in his hand when at full health (3 when he has 2 life points, and so on).
Check the others out!


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