Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Directors' Cuts Expansion

News (9/7/20): Rebalanced multiple character abilities -- Django's (expanded it), Lone Ranger (expanded it), Pat Garrett (expanded it), Sartana (expanded it), Howard Hawks (expanded for it to be valuable with 3 or few players), Tuco the Ugly (way too weak -- expanded it), Rev. John Rudd (too close to Kit Carlson's ability), Rooster Cogburn (he was a weaker version of my Lil' Sure Shot), Sergio Leone (too limited use, requiring use of Event Cards), Loco (too close to Herb Hunter's). In most cases, I sought to honor the "intent" of the card, the thrust of the desired ability. I also cut down the description on abilities to fit on cards. I also rebalanced Packing Mule and Hidden Weapon, and expanded Peace Pipe.

News (8/30/20): Added 6 other characters and 4 events from the Director's Cuts expansion, and translated their ability text into English.

News (8/29/20): Updated images and changed card titles. I'll be adding some of Django's later cards that I've seen on his website.

Director's Cut
is an unofficial expansion to BANG! the card game, designed by Django (I actually don't know his real name; this is his user name on the forums at Edge Entertainment). Thematically, it tries like the Wild West Show expansion to focus on the western actors and filmmakers, instead of historical western figures. He also focuses on classic scenes from western films, trying to incorporating them into the cards.

Like Robbers' Roost, Director's Cut is an ambitious project. It mostly focuses around event cards and character cards, but there is a handful of blue and brown cards as well, which mean it does have to deal with the color management/card size problem. Director's Cut does not add new gameplay mechanics beyond some unique character abilities.

Freddie Sikes (Old Sikes), for instance, has an ability sort of like Bill Noface. Instead of gaining more cards for each life point he is missing, the distance by which he is seen by others increases for each life point he is missing. Unlike Robbers' Roost, Director's Cut adds a new deck of event cards to the game. I confess that I am not a fan of event cards, but if you are, I think you will really like Director's Cut for adding more to BANG!

Overall, one of the most impressive things about Director's Cut is the immense amount of time spent on the art. Like I tried to do in Robbers' Roost, Django has tried to make his character art match the style of the official BANG! characters. I freely admit his artwork is better than mine too. He has even made the effort to make the playing and event cards in the same style as BANG! as well. He has achieved this by extracting elements from the existing BANG! playing and event cards, and collaging them together to create new art. This had been, I am sure, quite a painstaking process. I salute him for executing it so superbly.

Here at the BANG! Blog I hope to both draw attention to his excellent work, while at the same time providing an English translation of his cards (since his work is in Spanish). I hope to work with him on a full translation to help promote his expansion to a wider international audience. Below I will add snippets of his card art for you to appreciate, as well as the English translations of the text. Django has been quite open to criticism, and so I hope that you will critique his card ideas both below in the comments section or at his Director's Cut site. I have also left some options open for card titles, since I am not certain which I like best. Feel free to throw in your vote on a title.

Event Cards

True FriendTrue Friend. Each player gets another character. At the beginning of each turn he chooses which one is active. The new character has the same distance constraints. If one of the characters dies, so does the other. Thick Fog Thick Fog. The distance at which players see others is increased by 1.Bounty/Wanted Bounty/Wanted. The Sheriff places a bounty of 5 cards on the elimination of a player of his choice. HangingHanging. If a player does not get out of jail, he must "draw!" a second time. Unless it is a heart, he dies. The player that played Jail is responsible for his death.
Bank RobberyBank Robbery. When this card comes into play each player, in a clockwise order beginning with Sheriff, must discard a BANG! or Missed!, or lose a life point. This goes on continuously until only 1 player in a cycle discards a card. That player draws 10 cards and does not have to discard down to his card limit at the end of his next turn. However, there is now an additional 3 card bonus for eliminating him anytime during the game.To the Death To the Death. If a Duel is played, the loser is eliminated.Dust StormDust Storm. Each player that has cards in play must discard them, or lose 1 life point for each card he chooses to keep.ZombiesZombies. Eliminated players return to life with 2 cards and 2 life points, but they have no abilities and can never have more than 2 life points. They must kill their killer (if he is not another zombie) and the Sheriff to win. The only cards that can hurt them are hearts.
Gamble/RouletteGamble/Roulette. Each player skips phase 1 of his turn, and instead must bet any number of cards (up to the amount of cards he has in his hand and in play) on whether or not the card on top of the deck is red or black. "Draw!" If he is correct, he draws as many cards as he bet. If he is wrong, he must discard that many.Bucked Off/Bucking Bronco Bucked Off/Bucking Bronco. At the beginning of his turn, any player with a Mustang must "draw!" Unless it is a heart, that player loses 1 life point and discards the Mustang.Injured/WoundedInjured/Wounded. If a player is hit by a BANG!, he must "draw!" On diamonds, he loses a life point and must "draw!" again until he either does not "draw!" a diamond or dies.Happy Hour/Burlesque/Saloon DanceHappy Hour/Burlesque/Saloon Dance. When this card is brought into play, each player must "draw!" All players that "drew!" hearts must rotate places in a clockwise order.
Seventh Cavalry Seventh Cavalry. When this card is brought into play, the Sheriff may choose any number of players to become the targets of 2 BANG!.Miracle CureMiracle Cure. At the beginning of their turn, each player must "draw!" On hearts, he gains 2 life points. On diamonds, he draws 2 cards. On clubs, he loses his character ability for the turn. On spades, he loses a life point.War SmokeWar Smoke. If Indians! are played, 2 BANG! must be discarded in defense. Otherwise, a life point is lost for each BANG! not discarded.BetrayalBetrayal. All players except the Sheriff turn in their role cards. These roles are shuffled and dealt out at random.
ContrabandContraband. When this card comes into play, each player may discard his gun card in play to draw 3 cards. For each card exchanged, place a discarded Indians! back into the deck and then shuffle it.NitroglycerineNitroglycerine. During this round, Dynamite explodes on both 2-9 of spades and 2-9 clubs.CompassionCompassion. Bang! may not be played against players with no cards in their hands.Hunting AmmoHunting Ammo. BANG! produce 2 hits during this round.
Love SongLove Song. Whenever a player plays a card, he must sing the description of that card to the beat of a song. Otherwise, the played card has no effect.Corrupt SherriffCorrupt Sheriff. Each player must give 1 card to the Sheriff during their drawing phase.Independence DayIndependence Day BANG! may be discarded to play Beer.CoffinCoffin. At the beginning of his turn, each player except the Sheriff may opt to regain 1 life point instead of playing during his turn. Whoever does so will be considered by others as eliminated until his next turn.
AccidentAccident. Any player that plays a BANG! must "draw!" On spades, his attack misses his target and he immediately loses 1 life point and must discard a gun card if he has one in play.MassacreMassacre. Whenever 1 player eliminates another, he draws 3 cards on top of any other bonuses.GiftGift. Once during his turn, a player may give a card from his hand to another.Final HourFinal Hour. All players see each other at distance 1 by default, but this is modified by cards in play. During their turns, players may only play BANG! or put guns in play.
Indian AttackIndian Attack. At the beginning of the Sheriff's turn, he must "draw!" On spades, all players must discard a BANG! or lose a health. Subsequent "draws!" of spades this round also trigger this effect.Time BombTime Bomb. The Sheriff reveals the top card of the deck and sets it to the side. When sombedoy plays, "draws!" or discard a card with the same value and suit as the revealed card, the Time Bomb explodes, dealing 3 damage to that player.RevolutionRevolution. At the start of their turn, a player must "draw!" On hearts, draw an extra card this turn. On diamonds, draw 1 less card. On clubs, you are banged! On spades, you are banged! twice.Director's CutsDirector's Cuts. All event cards played in the game marked with the Director's Cuts symbol are in effect until the end of the game.

Brown Cards

Backfire/Rebound/DeflectionBackfire/Rebound/Deflection. 2 Effects: Missed! and BANG! a player you see at distance 1.Ace Up Your SleeveAce Up Your Sleeve. Draw the card on top of the discard pile.Union PacificUnion Pacific. Draw 4 Cards.

Blue Cards

Peace PipePeace Pipe. Indians!, Warpath and Tomahawk do not effect this player.Packing MulePacking Mule. You may carry 1 more card in your hand than your life points allow.Hidden WeaponHidden Weapon. After playing a gun card, you can continue to use your colt .45 to shoot as distance 1 with a second BANG!.Sun GlareSun Glare. Like Jail, this card is played in front of a player. At the beginning of his turn, he "draws!" On hearts, discard Sun Glare and play normally. Otherwise, he sees other players at a distance -1 until the end of his turn. He then discards Sun Glare.
MementoMemento. All clubs you play, use, discard, or "draw!" are converted into hearts.ShotgunShotgun. Gun, Distance 1. 2 Missed! must be played to avoid BANG! fired from this gun.

Director's Cut Characters

ViennaVienna. 4 Health. Once on her turn, she can play any brown card as a Duel.Colonel MortimerColonel Mortimer. 4 Health. He can play a diamond BANG! at any player, regardless of the distance at which he sees that player.Elder BrothersElder Brothers. 4 Health. When starting the game, draw 4 characters face down. Flip over and play with the first. Upon losing a life point, replace that character with the next. If you regain a life point, revert to the prior character.John FordJohn Ford. 4 Health. Once on his turn, he may discard a BANG! to force another player to change their character with the character they use as a life point counter.
Old SikesFreddie Sikes/Old Sikes. 3 Health. For each life point he is missing, the distance by which he is seen by others is increased.JoeJoe. 4 Health. When a player discards or steals a card from Joe, he may play a BANG! against that player. If that player takes a hit, Joe regains the card removed from him.Sergio LeoneSergio Leone. 3 Health. Once a round, he may select a player to reveal the cards they draw during phase 1. If he does not like the cards, he can force them to discard them and draw again.Emma SmallEmma Small. Whenever she plays a BANG! that produces a hit, she draws a card.
Rooster CogburnRooster Cogburn. 4 Health. Once a turn, when a BANG! is on top of the discard pile, he may use it as a free BANG! to play or discard. On his turn, it does count towards his BANG! limit.SartanaSartana. 4 Health. When he bangs!, defensive cards must have a higher value than his card to avoid the hit. This includes “drawn!” cards from Barrels or abilities.LocoLoco. 4 Health. Whenever he is hit, he either draws the card on top of the discard pile or swaps a card from his hand with a random card from the attacker's hand.Pat GarrettPat Garrett. 4 Health. Once on his turn, he may discard a gun card (in his hand or in play) to play Jail. Place the gun card sideways in front of the player to indicate Jail.
DjangoDjango. 4 Health. Once during his turn, he can discard a BANG! and another card from his hand to fire a Gatling.Max SandMax Sand. 4 Health. Each time he eliminates a player, he acquires their ability, in addition to his own. He may use both at the same time.Tuco the UglyTuco the Ugly. 4 Health. When any other player plays or uses a card that allows them to draw extra cards, he draws that many cards too. When a General Store is put into play, he draws 2 cards instead of 1.Rev John RuddRev. John Rudd. 4 Health. When he "draws!", he may swap a card from his hand with the "drawn!" card, keeping the card and changing its result. Each turn if his second drawn card is red, he reveals it and "draws!"
Wyatt EarpWyatt Earp. 4 Health. He may play Panic! as Cat Balou, and Cat Balou as Panic. He can also play Can Can and Conestoga, and Rag Time and Brawl interchangeably.Lone RangerThe Lone Ranger. 4 Health. When other players play cards that affect all or all other players, the Lone Ranger is not affected.Howard HawksHoward Hawks. 4 Health. He can discard 2 BANG! to force 2 adjacent players to swap positions. When there are 3 or less players remaining, he may discard a card to increase the distance by which a player is seen by 1.


  1. ¡Menudo trabajo! ¡Esto me hubiese costado meses!

    Your work is magnificent and very fast!

    I'll send you a mail with some suggestions about the translation and more cards.

    Thank you very much for all your work

  2. What's this site about ?
    I can translate those cards to English, but where are they from? some Czech expansion?

  3. @Director's BANG! Thanks for the compliment. I will rework the translations and titles in a bit. I just wrote them out quickly; they will clearly need some revisions.

    @Anonymous: Martin Blasko received permission from the rights holders to BANG! to create an expansion with a Czech publisher (ALBI). Those images are cards from his coming expansion. They are already translated into English by Blasko himself.

  4. and is there anywhere more of those cards for new Czech expansion?


  5. Those cards were the first complete ones he has released to the public. Of course, he has discussions of his cards, but nothing that has the full art as of yet.

  6. Martin,
    I couldn't find the full english pack of cards!!!
    is the game finalized or it is still under development??


  7. Directors' Cuts, Valley of Shadows, and Robbers' Roost are still in developmental stages.

  8. Although Directors' Cuts hasn't been finished, does it has a way to produce its current version as the Robers' Roost?

  9. I'm working to finish it. I hope than in a few month (before xmas) it will be end. You can visit my blog and use my cards to print and play. Thanks!ÓN

    I hope you enjoy with it!

  10. These cards look really nice. I see you both have put time in it (I mean Director's Bang! and Martin). I hope someone (maybe one of you two?) has the time to make a nice and easily printable version of these cards in English.

  11. A lot of this will depend on Robbers' Roost and how well the experiment of color matching and custom cutting works with it. If it works, then it should not be too hard to transfer that knowledge to Director's Cuts.

  12. What is Emma Small's health? I think it got left off.

  13. Did a printable version of these cards (preferably in English) ever get completed? I would love to be able to play this version, or Robbers' Roost for that matter, if anyone knows of a way to produce the cards. In any case, thanks for all the work so many of you have done with this game.