Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Forum Post: Speeding up BANG! through Changing Turn Phase Orders

In an effort to promote the forum, I have made an interesting post on trying to speed up BANG! through modifying phase orders. I would love some feedback on this idea! The best idea I had for this I think is as follows:
Set up #4
Phase 1: Add cards from separate pile into your hand (see phase 4).
Phase 2: Play Cards
Phase 3: Discard Cards
Phase 4: Draw cards from the top of the deck for the next turn and place them in separate pile, unable to be used until your next turn.

#4 keeps the essential set up of the phases, but adds a fourth phase. The cards drawn in phase 4 cannot be added to your hand. Thus, they do not help defend you from any BANG! this turn, but neither can they be stolen or discarded. They can be looked at (so you can strategize), but you cannot use them until your next turn. This gives you something to do while you wait your turn, and makes the next turns quicker! They will influence somewhat what cards you will play out of turn (should I expend a BANG!/Missed! in between turns if I know I will not draw one next turn), but I don't think this unfairly benefits any characters too much. Please tell me if I am wrong! If you are placed in Jail, you simply cannot use those cards for another turn. Keep them in the separate pile until you have a turn. If there is an event card in play that limits the amount of cards you can draw, only draw that many. If an event card comes into play limiting the amount of cards you can draw after you have drawn for the next turn, 1 of 2 things could happen: (1) The preferred way is for the event card to affect the cards drawn for the next turn. (2) If you wanted the event card to affect that exact coming turn, you could have the players have cards from the separate pile randomly discarded. (1) is clearly the easiest and quickest. What do you think?

This gives you some idea of the content discussed in the post. Please check out the rest of it, and give me some feedback there.


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