Thursday, May 19, 2011

Design: BANG! Card Game Symbols Pack

BANG! Card Game Symbol Examples

As part of the recurring pattern of me disclosing my design files, I have enclosed today a pack of BANG! card game symbols. Not only does this include the original BANG! symbols, it also includes a few I introduced, such as the symbol referring to a dead player in Death Mesa, the line of fire symbol used in Robbers' Roost, and a few that I never ended up using such as the discard a card from your hand symbol, and the "draw!" a club symbol. I believe I have compiled all of the symbols (except the Book symbol, and distance modifiers that I will add soon) from the original BANG! card game. If there are any others missing, feel free to inform me. You can see the majority of the symbols contained in the pack in the image above. All the symbols, at the moment are in Photoshop format (.PSD), but I will probably release a .JPG format soon.

Download the BANG! Card Game Symbols Pack

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  1. Very cool. I'm looking around for ideas for custom cards--saw one character thread in the forum, but I'm surprised there isn't more discussion about various possibilities (and feedback about each).