Saturday, June 18, 2011

Robbers' Roost: POD Character Update

Since losing my computer, it has taken some time to rescan art I have drawn, BANGify the art, and recreate some templates. I finished the characters early this afternoon:

Robbers' Roost POD Characters Updated

As you can see from the image above, I also changed some of the art. I felt some of the old art was a little bland for the characters, or didn't fit their ability/historical figure as well. I hope you will like the changes. In the mean time, I have also rebalanced some of the character abilities and modified others. Of note (changes made in bold):

  • Queen Anne: She may discard a BANG! with another card to discard a card from any player she sees within distance 2.

  • Eva Place (3 life points instead of 4): She may lay a trap once on her turn: put a brown or green card face down in front of Eva and turn it sideways. If a player acts against Eva, she must flip the trap over and the card immediately affects that player. She may have two traps out, but only 1 trap activates at a time, her choice.

  • Lela Devere: Whenever she would personally hit a player, Lela may choose to steal a card from that player instead. The card may either be in that player’s hand or in play.

  • Josey Bassett (completely redone): If Josey plays no cards during her turn, she can draw 2 extra cards at the end of phase 2. She can always hold as many cards in her hand as her max health.


  1. Great updates, Eva Place and Josey Bassett absolutely needed this.

    (We even started to use this additional rule: if the seriff receives Julie as a choice of personality, it is replaced by 2 other cards. The cause: the game could be twice as long if the seriff chose this ability.)

    (Eva still has 4 life points in the guide)