Thursday, July 14, 2011

BANG! Card Game Downloads

News (9/28/20): Added player aids, Gold Rush, Valley of Shadows items. Also added Death Mesa in French and German!

News (9/27/20): Updated lots of rulebooks, fixed some broken links, added various language rulebooks.

News (8/21/11): Put in the A Fistful of Cards and High Noon Hungarian rules, as well as the Spanish FAQ for High Noon.


BANG! the Bullet“English “Italian “Spanish “German French “Czech Hungarian Chinese “Vietnamese
BANG!“English “Italian “Spanish “Portuguese “German “Dutch “Greek Hungarian Croatian “Russian “Japanese “Korean “Vietnamese
Dodge City“English “Italian “Spanish “Czech “German “Dutch Hungarian
A Fistful of Cards“English “Italian “Spanish “German Hungarian “Russian
High Noon“Spanish Hungarian See BANG! the Bullet rules.
Wild West Show“English “Italian “Spanish “German Hungarian
Gold Rush“English “Italian “German “Russian
Armed & Dangerous“English “Italian “German
Valley of Shadows“English “Italian “German
Death Mesa“English
El Dorado“English Hungarian
Robbers’ Roost“English
2-Player“English “Italian “Spanish “Portuguese Czech Chinese French Hungarian
1-Player“English “Italian “Spanish Czech “German


BANG!“English “Italian “Spanish “Czech Hungarian
Dodge City“English “Italian “French “Czech “Portuguese
A Fistful of Cards“English “Italian
High Noon“English “Italian “Spanish
Wild West Show“English “Italian
Gold Rush“English “Italian

Player Aids.

BANG! Player Aids“English “Spanish “French “German “Polish “Hungarian “Russian
BANG! Teaching Aids“English “Hebrew
Death Mesa Aids“English


Tournament Rules “Italian “Spanish “Czech “Portuguese “German “Dutch
Tournament Order Cards“English
Tournament Cash“English


Death Mesa“English “Italian “German French
Robbers' Roost“English
El Dorado“English
O. K. Corral“English “Italian
Peterson Pack“English

Modding Tools.

Character Stats (OO)“English
Character Stats (XLS)“English
Playing Card Stats (OO)“English
Playing Card Stats (XLS)“English
BANG! Symbols
Custom Character Art
Playing Card Art
BANG! Card BordersOfficial Size, 2.5” x 3.5” Size
BANG! FontsPlaying Card Titles (Perdido), Event Card Titles (Playbill), Descriptions (Palatino Linotype)
BANG! Master TemplateNOTE: For InDesign only.


  1. Hi host, I am the eternal Sheriff again. Thie time I won't ask poor question(P.S. the Chinese translation in the cards is very poor)
    How many cards does Bill No face draws when he is returned during "Ghost Town"? You know every normal dead players can draw 3 instead of 2 with no life. Can bill noface draws up to 5 or even 6 cards(he must not be the sheriff or the game will end)?

  2. 1) When anyone are eliminated after the end of ghost town, can Vulture Sam take all of their cards?
    2) When belle star attack someone who have green miss on the table, can he use a green miss to respond?

  3. Hey, here are the answers:

    (1) The answer to High Noon FAQ Q14 specifies that Bill Noface draws 5 cards.

    (2) The answer to High Noon FAQ Q8 specifies that all the cards will go to Vulture Sam at the end of Ghost Town.

    (3) No card in play in front of a player has any effect on Belle Star's turn. So this would include the green cards (it cannot be used to respond to Belle Star's attack). Of course, the card could be used, it just wouldn't have any effect. I am trying to see if there is any situation where you might want to use it anyway, but I can't think of any.

  4. The BANG! Player Aids are not linked so far.

  5. You are right. I am still placing up new files on the downloads page. More will come, including the player aids, but thanks for the reminder.

  6. Sorry, didn't mean to annoy you.
    Due to the fact the other ones worked I thought this was just a simple error :)
    I wonder: this website is like a fan website and not like an official one, isn't it?
    But did you get the FAQ's and stuff from the right holders or did you make them up yourself? :)

  7. No problem; you didn't annoy me at all. This is a fan website, but the FAQs (at least the English, Italian, and Spanish) come from the right holders. I did not make them myself. There is an unofficial WWS FAQ that I translated from Italian to English, but that is it. I have made some player aids myself.

  8. How many cards do Molly Stark or Suzy Lafayette (with the last card only) draw when they use a doge/bible to respond to a bang? They can draw card immediately after playing a voluntary card you know.

  9. Molly Stark draws 2 cards for playing Dodge (1 for playing the card and 1 more due to play a card voluntarily from her hand out of turn). She does not draw 2 for Bible, since that is not played from out of her hand. It is played in front of her, and then later used from in front of her, so no extra card bonus.

    Suzy Lafayette's ability activates upon having no cards in her hand. So Bible would not cause her ability to activate when using it in response to a BANG! (it is not played from her hand). Of course, she could play the Bible on her turn, which caused her to have no cards in her hand. Then, she would draw a card. When shot at later she could use the Bible and draw 1 card. As for Dodge, she does not draw 2 cards. She only draws 1; the card's effect must be terminated before she checks whether she has cards in her hand for her ability. The BANG! Designer explained, "you have to wait the card to complete its effect before checking for characters' abilities." For the discussion on Suzy with this, go to:

  10. Hey,

    I got several questions:

    1. Does the card "handcuffs" refer to color (red or black) of to the symbol (hearts n so on) of cards? cause in the german version it says color which could mean boths in "gaming language"

    2. When handcuffs say you can only "play" cards of this color (or symbol ^^ ) does that also matter to the cards in front of you, which you already played and are just using them or is using them "playing" them as well?

    3. there is a card like "thurst" or something like this which tells you to "draw the first but not the second card"... what about Bill Noface, does he too draw only one card or just leaves out the second? :D

    Thanks for your answers :)

  11. Sorry I didn't get to this sooner:

    1. It refers to the color of the suits (hearts, spades, diamonds, clubs).

    2. It only refers to playing a card, whether that means playing an expendable card (brown cards) or playing a card in front of you (blue, green cards). Thus you CAN use any green cards already in play. You simply cannot put ones into play that did not have the named suit.

    3. Thirst has you draw 1 less card during your turn. So with Bill Noface, High Noon FAQ Q13 states, "How many cards does Bill Noface draw when he has 2 life points and Thirst is in play?"

    The answer is "If Bill Noface is the Sheriff, has been shot 3 times, he [would typically] draw 1+3=4 cards. Thus if the thirst is in play, he draws 3 cards." (1+3)-1=3 cards. Basically, total up what cards he would draw on a normal turn given his life points and substract that amount by 1.

  12. The Character Stats have been updated to include Greg Digger, whom I somehow omitted. I also relabeled a few character abilities.

  13. Is your goal here to have as many translations as possible? If so, I can translate some of your material here into Finnish, if you want?

  14. I would love to have material translated into Finnish. Thanks!

  15. need anything translated to german?

  16. I would love to have Death Mesa in German, and eventually Robbers' Roost...

  17. I was thinking about Death Mesa too :D
    I will try to do it as soon as possible. I will give you the translation to every card and the rules and you put them in place, does that suit you? Where shall I send it when it's done?

  18. martinpulido2 at gmail dot com. Thanks for doing this! That setup is fine.

  19. As the sheriff how many BANGS! can one play? I've been trying to find a concrete number but can't seem to come across one.

  20. I know this comes a a random question, but if a player plays DUEL can you refuse and nothing happenes either way? The rules dont state you have to fight rather have a choice.

  21. Anonymous people-
    1. The sheriff has to follow the same rules that the other players play by. Therefore, they may only play one Bang! per turn, unless they have any weapons (Volcanic) or abilities (Willy the Kid) that would modify that behavior.
    2. A DUEL is not an option. The choice that it refers to is whether the player is forced to play a Bang!. They have the option to not play a Bang!, but if they don't they will lose 1 life point. There are times in a game where a player would not want to use their Bang cards. Maybe they know an Indians will be played soon, or maybe they know that the other player has more Bangs in their hand. In these cases, they can keep the Bang cards that they have, but they still have to lose a life point.
    I hope this helps!

  22. hello, guys! is there any bang cards pack available to download? thx

    1. If referring to downloading original game cards, no, we're not providing pirated copies of bANG!.

  23. Great blog. Question from a game last night: Is it allowable to play a bang with a regular gun or rifle, then switch to the Volcanic and play additional bangs?

    1. The moment you put in the Volcanic, you can play any number of BANG!, so yes, that should be fine. The 1 BANG! restriction was only in place while you had the other gun.

  24. Hello Martin Pulido!
    I just came across this blog as I'm a great fan of the game BANG!
    I was wondering if you have the printable version of the original card set of the game for download, as it isn't available in my country India, and I'd prefer not shipping one in from abroad.
    I tried surfing through your blog but was unable to find the same. I only found printable versions of expansions but not the original card set.

  25. Hello
    I'm looking for the game boards of bang.
    Does anyone have them?

  26. hi. i tried to click on the "spain" flag to download the game rules in spanish...but the pdf that loads is definitely not spanish. Could you correct this so that i can get the rules in spanish? Thank you!

    1. i am trying to get the game rules in spanish for the regular version of the game, BANG.

    2. They should be on there now. You're right -- it was to a different language at the time.