Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Feature: Card by Card Explanations

As I have been looking at new content to provide at The BANG! Blog, I have opted to introduce card by card explanations of the playing cards in both the base game and Dodge City. These explanations will include:
  • Card Names: English and Italian where available.

  • Symbols and Their Translations: I will show the symbols on the cards where applicable, and then give a break down of what they mean.

  • When Cards are Playable: What phase of the turn, on one's turn or out of turn.

  • Suits and Values of the Cards.

  • Card Color.

  • Card Family: A group to which it and other cards belong, if possible.

  • Included in: Available in BANG!, Dodge City, or both.

  • Characters Greatly Enhanced by This Card: While all characters tend to benefit from the cards, some benefit more than on average.

  • Characters Less Enhanced by This Card: While all characters tend to benefit from the cards, some benefit less than on average.

  • Works Well in Conjunction with: Other cards that the card is effective with.

  • Commentary: General considerations regarding playing with the card.

  • Special Considerations: Additional impact the cards may have, such as Wells Fargo and Stagecoach initiating the end and beginning of event cards in Wild West Show.

I am hoping that these Card by Card explanations will help both new and old BANG! players. It will help some learn how to play/use the cards properly according to BANG! rules, and enhance others strategy when playing/using the cards. As with the character guides, feel free to post comments on the bottoms of posts on the cards if you believe I have missed important information.

Go to the Card Explanations Portal

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