Friday, July 8, 2011

Robbers' Roost: Modularity Progress

Robbers' Roost will be broken down into 3 modular components:

1. The characters (16 cards).
2. An initial/latent effect card pack (24 cards).
3. The out-of-turn orange card pack (48 cards).

Each of these should be fine to incorporate into BANG! or BANG! + Dodge City with little problems, and it is fine to include all of them at once too. Each of the card packs will have their own symbols in the top right to distinguish them. The need for balance keeps me from including just 1 color of cards in a pack, sorry.

At the moment, the initial/latent effect card pack looks like it will include:

1 Beer
2 Disarm (new version): Initial - Missed!. Latent - Discard a card from the attacker's hand.
2 Fur Trade: Initial - Swap a card in play in front of you for a card in play in front of another. Latent - Both of you draw a card.
1 Investment: Initial - Discard a card from your hand. Latent - Draw 3 cards.
1 Loan: Initial - Give a card from your hand to a player. Latent - Take 2 cards from that player's hand.
1 Missed!
1 Molotov Cocktail: Initial - Gain 1 life point. Latent - BANG! a player you see at distance 1.
1 Moonshine: Initial - Lose 1 life point. Latent - Gain 2 life points and draw a card.
1 Bulldog
1 James Dougall
1 On the House (new version): Initial - Gain a life point. Latent - All other players gain a life point.
1 Panic!
1 Pay Day (new version): Initial - Draw 2 cards. Latent - All other players draw a card.
1 Q and A: Initial - Discard a card when playing it for a Missed!. Latent - BANG! the attacker (regardless of distance).
1 Show Time: Initial - Discard a card from a player seen at distance 1. Latent - Draw a card.
1 Warpath: Initial - Discard a card when playing it force a target player to discard a BANG! or lose a life point. Latent - All other players must discard a BANG! or lose a life point.
1 Tomahawk: Initial - BANG! a player seen at distance 1. Latent - That player must discard a BANG! or lose a card in play in front of him of his choice.

The out-of-turn orange pack includes:

2 Ambush
1 Artillery
2 Back Up
1 Bronco
1 Cannon
2 Confiscate
1 Dive
1 Gaping Wound
1 Join Arms
2 Quick Draw
2 Rob
1 Stand Off (with only 5 Duel/Face Off in the deck, 2 Stand Off seemed a bit much)
1 Taunt
2 Toss
1 Bandage (new version): You must discard another card when playing it give 1 life point to another player. More balanced with Tequila now. Only 1 in the deck now to help give more Beer for Tequila Joe.
1 Track Down
2 Hit Me
2 Push!
2 Missed!
1 Panic!
1 Indians!
1 Duel
1 Face Off
1 Cat Balou
2 Beer
1 Barrel
1 Scope
1 Volcanic
1 Remington (needed more LD weapons)
1 Mustang
1 Jail

The characters will all remain the same, besides a few tweeks. For instance, in play tests Queen Anne has been found to be too strong. She will have the ranged-Cat Balou ability, but the cost will have to be redetermined. "Drawing!" every time Laura Billion used a card was too much. Now she "draws!" for all the cards she used at the end of her turn. Changes will be posted. Thanks!

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