Saturday, July 23, 2011

Robbers' Roost: Latent Effect Card Design

Since describing how I would carry out the modularity of Robbers' Roost, I have been designing the latent effect cards, and I thought I would show some of my results.

Robbers' Roost Latent Effect Cards

The following should come to your attention:
  1. Purple Border. This border should help distinguish the unique playing style of the latent effect cards. As with green and blue cards, the purple cards are played in front of you. However, when played they have an immediate effect, and at the beginning of your next turn a latent effect (this cannot be stored up for use as with the green card). To help distinguish the color of the card, I made the top left and bottom right corners be a darker hue of purple than the other quadrants.

  2. Pocket Watch symbol. The pocket watch symbol in the middle of many of the card descriptions separates the initial effect (on top) from the latent effect (on bottom). This design style is similar to Dodge City's 2 effect cards (like Dodge), which had a symbol separate 1 effect from another.

  3. Ox Skull Icon. This helps differentiate the latent effect pack from the out-of-turn pack in Robbers' Roost for modularity purposes.

I have finished the general design of all of the purple latent effect cards:

Robbers' Roost Latent Effect Cards Preview

The art still requires some tweeking and I still need to work on reassigning card values for modularity purposes. As with other BANG! expansions/cards, I will try to keep the values thematically appropriate or consistent with their card types.


  1. hi martin.
    i wanna get all your Robbers' Roost Expansion
    cards, where can i buy them?, probably i can 4 the copyright, then where can i dowload all of them?

  2. hey martin

    that looks AMAZING. I haven't been keeping track, so you are working on the latent cards (purple) and scrapping the orange cards?

    will there still be blue cards (guns) and brown cards added to RR?

    Also it is looking like you are getting close to finishing them. Release in early Aug?

    So excited!


  3. Hey Kilan, thanks for the compliment. The latent effect cards are not replacing the orange cards. They are in addition to. I have been making Robbers' Roost far more modular. Now you can play with just:
    - The latent effect card pack (this includes the purple cards with some balancing cards, as well as the new guns): given the ox head symbol.
    - The out-of-turn card pack (this includes the orange cards with some balancing cards): given the horseshoe symbol.
    - The new characters.

    Playing with any of these will still have the right suit and value balance, as well as when you play with all of them together. Thus, if someone didn't like the latent effect pack, they could just play with the out-of-turn plack, or vis versa. And one could of course mix the characters with any setup.

    I am still aiming for an August release!

  4. The alpha version of RR is available at the Robbers' Roost page. The PDFs can be downloaded and printed from there. They are currently designed for templates. I will provide an updated version soon.