Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Death Mesa: More Positive Feedback of GFBR

In Geekinsight's recent recap of his gaming weekend on Giant Firebreathing Robot, he noted the following about Death Mesa:
Bang! and Death Mesa. I’ve been dying to try out the new Death Mesa Beta Version [link requires Google sign-in—Ed.] to the table. Let me say, there has been much improvement. In both of the games that we played, the ghosts felt like they were at right about the correct power level. Ghosts still had an influence in the game, and could still help their teammates, but not nearly as much as when they were alive.

I’m looking forward to more plays, especially to try out the Zombie Renegade version. Go get it and test it!

And in his weekly Errata, he recommended BANG! for 8-player games and again mentioned Death Mesa:
The other standby is Bang!, though you’ll need the Dodge City expansion. And, with eight players, I’d recommend giving the Death Mesa variant a shot since that will avoid the player elimination that might otherwise cause the game to bog down.

If you haven't looked at Death Mesa yet, check it out now!


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