Tuesday, July 5, 2011

BANG! Video Game: Multiplayer Beta Screenshots

After commenting on how the developers of the BANG! video game ought to provide more proof of their development with some eye candy, Spinvector released 3 screenshots of the BANG! multiplayer beta. Go developers! They also wrote,
We are about to release a multiplayer beta for PC users. This is the first step to multic-cross synchronization event. Please feel free to comment the post below by SpinVector, and you could be selected to be among the few braves who are actually testing the game online!

Multiplayer should be out soon, finally! The three screenshots they provided show some interesting things about multiplayer.

BANG! Video Game Multiplayer Beta Tactics View

The first screenshot displays the multiplayer "tactics view." You can see the nicknames of all other players, as well as more clearly see the revealed roles (as well as your own) and the distance by which you see other players.

BANG! Video Game Multiplayer Beta Emoticons

The next screenshot shows how emoticons can be used in the game. When a certain action is played, you can send an emoticon to show whether you think the action means that the card's player is a specific role. You can also use the emoticons to just show whether you are generally happy or upset with the action. This could be fun in throwing people off regarding your role, or collaborating on discovering another player's role. On the other hand, perhaps only people meaning to throw others off will use the emoticons, so no one will think they are used honestly. Still, neat idea.

BANG! Video Game Multiplayer Beta Leaderboard

The last screenshot displays a leaderboard. The rankings are based upon BANG! tournament rules, showing the amount of cash you have earned. The board displays the number of matches a player has been involved in, the percentage of wins v. losses, and his score. I am interested to know how many people this board will include.

Overall, I am pleased that the developers have been giving more proof of their endeavors and given us screenshots. This is a great improvement for them when it comes to interacting with their consumers!


  1. Oye, que bueno!!! Pronto podremos echar una partida internacional!!!


  2. Un placer! Estaba jugando KBANG! en el pasado, y espero que este juego sea mejor.