Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Death Mesa: New Player Aid Available

BANG! Death Mesa Player Aid

So I finally stopped being lazy and finished a new version of the Death Mesa Player Aid. It now has the card explanations in alphabetical order, includes an explanation for Last Testament that had been missing, and includes the new rules. The Zombie Renegade rules are not included, but there is a blurb alluding to them (you will have to check out the full guidebook for details). Enjoy!

Download the New Death Mesa Player Aid


  1. You have an email...
    I have finish my card generator (versión de prueba), by the moment it have 3 types of cards:
    -Game cards with text description, including "conditional" (prison...) with 1 line name.
    -Game cards with text description, including "conditional" (prison...) with 2 lines name.

    Soon game cards with symbols

  2. I will check it out when I get the chance! Thanks for your hard work.


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