Thursday, December 16, 2010

Strategy: Playing against Gary Looter

When playing against Gary Looter, it is important to discard as many cards as you can to get under your limit. One often overlooked rule to help you out with this is your ability to use Beer even when you are at full health. Although it doesn't add anything to your health, it keeps you from giving a Beer to Gary Looter! Here is what the BANG FAQ says:

Q16. Can I play a Beer if I am at full life points?
A. Yes: the Beer will simply have no effect at all.

Good thing to know. On the flipside, if you are on Gary Looter's team, you can support Gary Looter fantastically by discarding cards that will help him when you are over your limit. So discard a Beer for Gary Looter to draw the card so he can regain health. The Sheriff-Deputy combo here is ridiculously OP.

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