Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Strategy: Dealing with a Renegade that Pretends to be Deputy

One of my friends has a strategy he always plays when he is Renegade, and I know many others employ this strategy too. I am, however, convinced that on the whole it is a failing strategy. I will describe its counter here. The general Renegade strategy that I will be portraying as poor is where the Renegade tries to completely mirror a Deputy (This, of course, only applies in 5+ player BANG!). In other words, they think of any possible move that a Deputy would do in their situation and they do it. They follow it through, if they survive, until all Outlaws are eliminated and then they shoot the real Deputy, claiming the whole time that they are the real Deputy. They hope to either get the Sheriff to kill off his own Deputy(ies), or knock off the Deputy(ies) and then go after the Sheriff. I think this is a poor strategy, whether there is 1 or 2 deputies or not. The deputies are unlikely to have low health as the Outlaws were likely directing their gunfire almost exclusively at the Sheriff. Of course, the Renegade would not have poor health either, but the issue is that the Sheriff can always play it safe. He can just weaken each of the characters down to 1 health and let them kill each other off and reveal who they are. With 2 deputies still around, the Renegade will most likely be gunned down in the crossfire. With 1, the Renegade may survive, but will become very weak in the process. The deputy still wins as long as the Sheriff lives, so it is not a big deal if he dies. With the Renegade down to one health, and getting no card bonus for killing the Deputy(ies), the higher health Sheriff is almost guaranteed to be able to finish him off. Hence, I don't think the complete pseudo-Deputy Renegade strategy works. He will have to gun at lawmen at sometime if he is going to win the game most of the time. If someone has some reason why this strategy should work, and can point at something I have neglected, please chime in.

I will discuss the Renegade strategy that I prefer soon.

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