Monday, December 27, 2010

BANG! Crossplatform Video Game Now Available for $2-$6 depending on Platform

The new BANG! video game by Palzoun is now available for purchase: $6 for PC, $2 for Iphone/Ipod Touch, $3 for Ipad HD, and $5 for the Atom notebook. So far, it is available on the following platforms: PC, Ipod/Itouch, and the Samsung Bada. It is a pretty reasonable price for BANG!, so you might buy right now before any sale. A blog entry from Palzoun informs us that the multiplayer function of BANG! will not be available until January. Thus, current purchases will provide single player functionality solely.

If I find any reviews, I will be sure to post and comment on them. In the mean time, check out the cheesy live action trailer below:

There is also a Facebook album showing decent screenshots of the BANG! video game.

BANG! video game screenshot

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