Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Robbers' Roost: More New Characters for the week

NOTE: Now that RR has gone through significant revisions, all these characters except Maggie Mae have been eliminated. This post is kept here for historical purposes (tracking RR's development) alone. For the characters actually in the RR expansion, go the official page.

As I mentioned that I probably would, I have some new characters to introduce this week. One is pretty different (Gunplay Maxwell), and I hope you will enjoy it: his ability is unlocked based on his gun range in comparison to another person's gun range. Besides him, the other 2 characters' art is not my own. I just found these sketches online (and I thought they fit the BANG! style enough), so don't give me credit for them! I hope you will notice that I have added a lot of female characters to BANG! They were a little lacking in the original game and its expansions. And the discerning reader to my Robbers' Roost characters may have noticed that all of my characters are actually based upon real historical outlaws, lawmen, horse stealers, etc., or on some pun (such as "Loan Arranger" for the Lone Ranger), or on some Western actor (Charleston Heston for Charlton Heston). I'll give their inspirations when I finally get to doing Robbers' Roost character guides, but Dodge City, Wild West Show, and the Bullet characters have precedence there (not to mention the original game characters that I am still plowing away on). Anyway, I hope you'll like these new characters.

Gunplay Maxwell Robber's Roost Character
Gunplay Maxwell. 4 Life Points. Whenever he plays a BANG! against a player who has a gun with a greater range than his, that player cannot play or use any spades or hearts to avoid his attack (this nullifies successful Barrel "draws!").

Bella Siddons Robber's Roost Character
Bella Siddons. 3 Life Points. Whenever she has less than 2 cards in play in front of her, she may discard a card from her hand to draw the blue or green card from the discard deck that is closest to the bottom. This card can immediately be brought into play.

Maggie Mae Robber's Roost Character
Maggie Mae. 3 Life Points. If the second card she draws is red, she may swap a card in play in front of her for a card in play in front of another player. She must show that the second card that she drew was red immediately if she wishes to use this ability (she does not need to show the card, only its suit).

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