Monday, February 21, 2011

Robbers' Roost: Additional Green Cards

NOTE: Now that RR has gone through significant revisions, most of these cards have been eliminated. Artillery remains as a green card, while Pay Day, On the House, and Show Time have become purple cards (with some changes). This post is kept here for historical purposes (tracking RR's development) alone. For the cards actually in the RR expansion, go the official page.

Robbers' Roost will add several new green cards to the deck (14 total). Many of these will already come from Dodge City, but half are new. Those I will introduce today.

Pay Day Robber's Roost Card
Pay Day. Draw 2 cards from the deck. All other players draw 1 card.

Charm Robber's Roost Card
Charm. Play this card to avoid any card played against you.

On the House Robber's Roost Card
On the House. Gain 2 life points. All other players gain 1.

The Flop Robber's Roost Card
The Flop. Reveal 3 cards from the top of the deck. All players may choose 1 or 2 cards from their hand to complete the flop and make the best poker hand; these cards are to be placed face down in front of them. When all players have decide whether or not they are going to participate (and the participants have selected their cards), all participants reveal the 2 cards they selected. The player with the best hand wins the cards in the flop. The other cards are returned to each player's hand.

Show Time Robber's Roost Card
Show Time. Discard a card from all other players.

Artillery Robber's Roost Card
Artillery. BANG! all characters within a line of fire. In other words, select a player who you wish to be the end point of an attack. Select a direction from which to attack him (from your right or your left). All players up until that end point are banged! As you can imagine, Artillery can function as a Gatling as you wish: just select the end point to be the player immediately to your left or right, and then have the attack proceed from the opposite direction.

Face Off Robber's Roost Card
Face Off. Duel.


  1. i don't think you should got rid of any of the four cards here that you got rid of, they seem like they work (maybe except the flop)

  2. I am glad you liked the cards, Blake. The issue was not that the cards worked, but rather that they became difficult to balance the game with. This is espcially true of blue and green cards since they can be played in front of players. During play tests, we had games where Sheriffs had obscene amounts of cards in play in front of them since the prototype deck I made had so many blue and green cards with different names to them. It made more sense to cut back, and it brought greater concentration on the real new element in gameplay that I wanted Robbers' Roost to bring out: the orange cards.

  3. it seems like when added with the actual deck it wouldn't be too bad and won't change much at all, but if you say so then i guess there is nothing to be done even though i think its perfectly fine

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