Monday, February 14, 2011

Robbers' Roost: 4 New Guns

NOTE: Now that RR has gone through significant revisions, the Colt Lightning and Robert Wheeler have been eliminated. Only the Bulldog and James Dougall remain in a modifed form. This post is kept here for historical purposes (tracking RR's development) alone. For the cards actually in the RR expansion, go the official page.

Now that I have finished the Alpha release of Death Mesa, which I hope many will enjoy (as well as critique and improve), I can return to working on Robbers' Roost. I have already shown the orange cards that will be added, and many of the characters I am suggesting to add to the game, but I have not shown any of the blue, green, and brown cards I also think could be fun to add to the game. Today, I wanted to share the 4 guns I plan on adding to the BANG! deck. There would only be one of each of these guns in the deck. All but 1 have special abilities, while the 1 has a limitation that I think you might find interesting.

Colt Lightning
Colt Lightning. 2-5 Range. You cannot shoot any player you see at distance 1.

James Dougall
James Dougall. 1 Range. 2 Missed! must be played to avoid BANG! fired from this gun.

Bulldog. 2 Range. Discard 2 BANG! to Gatling.

Robert Wheeler
Robert Wheeler. 1 Range. You may play 2 BANG!, but they must be shot at the same target.


  1. Colt Lightning - No puedes dispara a jugadores que estén a distancia 1.

    James Dougall - Solo se puede evitar con esquivar.

    Bulldog - Descarta dos bang! para usar galacting.

    Robert Wheeler - Puedes usar dos bang! hacia el mismo objetivo.

  2. Hey Pani, te agradezco para las traducciones. Creo que se te olvido el numero "dos" en tu traduccion para James Dougall. En otras palabras, debe leer, "Solo se puede evitar con dos esquivar," no? Gracias.

  3. Colt Lightning - Non puoi sparare a nessun giocatore a distanza 1

    James Dougall - Si può evitare un BANG! sparato da quest'arma solo con 2 Mancato!

    Bulldog - Scartando due BANG! spari a tutti i giocatori come una Gatling

    Robert Wheeler - Puoi giocare due BANG! ma devono essere utilizzati nello stesso istante