Sunday, April 17, 2011

Robbers' Roost: Third Day of Release

Robber's Roost BANG! Playing Cards

For the third day of the release, I am posting some of the playing cards. This card sheet does not include any of the orange cards, but contains 8 of the other playing cards I plan on adding to the deck. It was hard to make a choice, but so far Cowboy Boots, Bulldog, James Dougall (which I earlier axed, but have now brought back), Distracted, Rattlesnake, Tomahawk, Pay Day, and Cannon. You will notice Cannon has the nifty "line of fire" symbol I created for it. Hopefully my choices are not too depressing.

This card sheet, as is the case with the character card sheets, is specifically designed for the card stock templates. Unfortunately, the cards will have to be trimmed and rounded. I have done this for my prototype deck and it turned out quite well, but it was somewhat time consuming. Sadly, PODs won't do custom-sized decks for small runnings. However, I have contacted a POD who is willing to cut the cards for me for $40/hour. He says he can do about 10-12 72-card decks in an hour. My hope is to be able to create a sort of groupon deal that splits the costs of cutting. That way people only have to be pay around $3.50 more for the cost of the trimming. That is the only way I can think of at the moment to keep the costs cheap and cut out the labor (I could of course, pay for 10-12 decks myself up front, and then give them to people on a case by case basis as they pay for the production costs; but I would prefer not to front $100+ if I can). I'll keep you posted on POD possibilities for Robbers' Roost in the future.

Download the third Robbers' Roost cardsheet (Playing Card Set 1)

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