Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Robbers' Roost: The 6th Day of Release

Robbers' Roost BANG! Playing Cards

There are more orange cards to exhibit and make available for download today. Most of these have already been seen, but Stampede (which creates a 2-way shield between 2 players), Stand Off (which creates a 3-player duel), and Hit Me (which has you and another player draw a card) have not been released in a card sheet yet. Text descriptions have been cut again to make more room on the cards and have the type be in a more legible font size.

Download the 6th Robbers' Roost Cardsheet (Playing Card Set #4)


  1. Hi

    That small text at the bottom of some cards has any meaning? Like panic! on toss or tequila on bandage?

    Keep the nice work :)

  2. Yes, the small text at the bottom of some cards definitely has meaning. I explain this on the Robbers' Roost page:

    "While the orange cards function in the above specified way at the beginning of the game, some of them change when the game reduces to 2 players or your team is eliminated. Orange cards that are designed to solely help team mates provide an option to function as different cards in these situations. Their optional function is specified in the bottom right hand corner of the card. They are placed face down like usual, but these optional functions can only be used on your turn.

    Altered play is activated for the following: for an Outlaw when he is the last of his team remaining; for a Sheriff when there are no Deputies or Renegades remaining; for Renegades, Sheriffs, and Outlaws when there are only 2 players remaining."

    It would be pretty stupid to draw cards in your hand that cannot be beneficial for you to use, so the text on the bottom provides alternatives for you when you are in that situation. I think this was a good solution to the problem!