Saturday, February 19, 2011

Robbers' Roost: A New Set of Characters

NOTE: Now that RR has gone through significant revisions, all these characters except Sherry Scott (now Anne Rogers). This post is kept here for historical purposes (tracking RR's development). For the characters actually in the RR expansion, go the official page.

While I have posted many of the Robbers' Roost characters, I have many more still to add. Characters are one of those easy, yet fun things, to add to the BANG! game. Easy at least in terms of conceiving of them and producing them; balancing is always a different story. Anyway, I have gotten back to drawing new characters for your enjoyment.

York Kelly Robber's Roost CharacterYork Kelly. 4 Life Points. He may use two BANG! to shoot all players within the range of his gun. This "ranged" gatling does not contribute to his 1 BANG! limit per turn.Sherry Scott Robber's Roost CharacterSherry Scott. 4 Life Points. At the start of her turn, she can select 1 blue card in play in front of a player and copy its benefit, so that it is as if she possesses the card. At the start of her next turn, this ability disappears.Cort Boudreaux Robber's Roost CharacterCort Boudreaux. 4 Life Points. At the start of his turn, if the card on top of the discard deck is a club, he may draw an extra card; a spade, he may discard a card from a player's hand; a heart, after his drawing phase he may discard 2 Missed! to gain 1 life point; a diamond, after his drawing phase he may give a card from his hand to any other player.

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  1. cards are really beautiful ... if you're interested I and my friend are continuing the project Kbang now abandoned .... if you know someone capable of programming we can all work together! Bl_Cervian91