Thursday, February 10, 2011

Death Mesa (Alpha Version) Officially Released

Death Mesa Expansion
As promised, Death Mesa (Alpha Version) is officially ready for release! I have updated the cards, the Death Mesa page, and Death Mesa Guidebook to incorporate new changes that I have made. The expansion is available in one large 8 megabyte zip file, or as a series of 9 PDFs. Download according to your preference. I recommend downloading the Guidebook first to determine your production method, and from thereon downloading the files that you need. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this expansion, and I hope that the quality of it will gear you up for Robber's Roost!

Death Mesa Screenshot of Card Sheets 1

Download the Death Mesa Expansion (Alpha Version) now.

For those who download and play with Death Mesa, please give me some feedback on the expansion, so that I can consider how to improve it for future releases. You can simply post your feedback on this post, or e-mail me.

Death Mesa Screenshot of Card Sheets 2

While Death Mesa is currently only available in English, I am considering a Spanish translation (and perhaps an Italian translation) for the future. Devuelve en el futuro para la traducción!

Death Mesa Screenshot of Inside the Guidebook


  1. My gaming group is really looking forward to trying this out today. Keep up the good work!

  2. I'm glad you guys are trying it out! You will have to let me know how it goes. I am a little nervous, as I am sure some if it will need some balancing. Let me know which cards/scenarios are OP, if any.

  3. Hi martin, i want to traduce te card to spanisht, could you give me a link with te archihves in a editable format? .doc .docx?

  4. Hey Pani, creo que te he enviado un e-mail con un archivo electronico que contiene la informacion que necesitas. Si hay algo mas necesario para hacer la traduccion, contactame otra vez. Gracis para tus esfuerzos!

  5. Hi I would like to translate it in Italian, if you can send me the editable doc I'll translate immediatly for you ;)

  6. Martino, vas a tener un gran equipo de traducción!!

    I have send him the doc via e-mail.


  7. Pani, es un placer tenerte en este equipo!

    Stefano, I imagine that you got the text doc that I originally sent to Pani that contains the English text of the cards and manual. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

  8. Hi Martin, I'd like to translate the cards of DM expansion in French. One language more ! ;-)

    Is it possible to get the doc that Stefano and Pani've received ? Then I'll send my work back to you, if you're interested in adding it on your site.

    Besides, congratulations for this truly good blog !

  9. Sure Clement, I will send you the text doc that I sent to Stefano and Pani. I will change it some to reflect soome recent rule/card changes that I have made. Once the translation is done, I will give you credit for it, and then make custom cards in the French language. These I will hopefully make available from a POD site as well. One thing, though, what is your e-mail address? Send it to me at and I will get you what you need.

  10. I tried to order the POD version of this expansion today, but the site says it is not available. Will it be available again in the future?

  11. I am currently working on a print-and-play agreement with dv-Giochi. I was asked to take the files off of Superior POD, and so that has been carried out. Further details soon.

  12. For french translation...

    I use translation file of this post ( to make my card. Thanks a lot!

    You can download the result here :