Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Character Guide: Rose Doolan

Name: Rose Doolan

Inspired by: None known; Bill “Doolin” was the founder of the famous Wild Bunch gang, but it is not clear that Rose Doolan has any connection to Bill.

Life Points: 4

Ability Type: Offensive

Ability: Rose Doolan is considered to have an Scope (Appaloosa in older versions) in play at all times; she sees the other players at a distance decreased by 1. If she has another real Scope in play, she can count both of them, reducing her distance to all other players by a total of 2.

Activation: Continuous, but surmountable

Cards enhanced by Rose Doolan’s ability: Panic!, BANG!, Volcanic, Scope/Apaloosa

Cards less effective when played against Rose Doolan: Mustang

Characters Rose Doolan counters well: Paul Regret

Ideal Roles for Rose Doolan: Outlaw, Deputy

2-player Value: Not great. You can still reach your opponent if they grab a Mustang (which is nice), but besides that, your ability isn’t useful.

General Strategy as Rose Doolan: Rose Doolan’s main benefit is that she can reach further than other players. To translate this into a player strategy: Rose Doolan should shoot at those who cannot shoot at her. This works especially well early game when other players do not have guns, and when there are more players in the game. Anyway, this main strategy will require gun control on behalf of Rose Doolan: getting a gun that has a good range, keeping guns (and the Scope/Appaloosa) out of the hands of those further away from Rose Doolan, and getting a Mustang to increase her distance from others as well. Stealing a Mustang should be easier for Rose Doolan than others, because she is the only person who can Panic it from her neighbors without a scope. Rose Doolan can also Panic from neighbors two distance away from her, and unless they have a scope, they cannot Panic the card she stole back. So generally Rose Doolan should shoot and steal from those who are in her range, but for whom she is not in theirs; that way Rose Doolan can pick them off and not be attacked herself. She can do an excellent job of this once she gets a Volcanic, as it immediately has a range of 2. Hopefully Rose Doolan’s next door neighbors will be at peace with her and let her shoot over their heads. She shouldn’t provoke them unless it is absolutely necessary. If Rose Doolan is an outlaw, she should not be too greedy with getting a gun in the General Store and leave it for a teammate if possible. If it leaves her open to attack, she may wish to grab it herself anyway, but getting a teammate to help with targeting the Sheriff is crucial.

General Strategy against Rose Doolan: Rose Doolan is not the most difficult of opponents to confront. If you are directly next to her, she would have been able to hit you anyway (likely, unless you have a Mustang), so then her ability has no real advantage. Thus, if you are right next to her and she is an opponent you should be in a superior position. Try to get guns in the hands of players that are further away from her, and Cat Balou any mustang she might try to obtain herself. It will be harder to know if Rose Doolan is your enemy if she shoots right over your head when you are next to her. If Rose Doolan attacks one of your known teammates then you will have a good idea. If you are further away from Rose Doolan and she is attacking you, try to get a gun to reach her, add some distance between you with a Mustang, and make sure to keep more Missed! in hand than usual. Her range really only helps for BANG! and Panic; the latter you can’t avoid, but the BANG! you can prepare for with more Missed!.

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