Friday, May 20, 2011

Robbers' Roost: POD Progress #3

Robbers' Roost BANG! Card Game POD Progress

Now that I have firmed out the accessory cards, I have decided to follow some fan's suggestions and just add them to the core of Robbers' Roost. This will of course require me to update the Guidebook (yargh). In the meantime, I have figured out their suits and added the appropriate cards for balancing. Thus the 16 new cards are:
  • BANG! (3)

  • Beer (1)

  • Missed! (1)

  • Sombrero (1)

  • The Flop (1)

  • Indians! (1)

  • Cat Balou (1)

  • Panic! (1)

  • Cold Deck (1)

  • Bear Trap (1)

  • Lasso Rope (1)

  • Iron Knuckles (1)

  • Lucky Dice (1)

  • Ammo Belt (1)

There are 2 replacements:
  • Cowboy Boots (Accessory version) for Cowboy Boots

  • Spyglass for Rattlesnake

Many of these new cards are in the cardsheet above. I hope this will appease many of the fans bummed out by the cards I removed from Robbers' Roost. Expect more updates soon.


  1. I was thinking about your expansion, and the new cards, thesse days and I realise that the oficial game have 80 play cards and dodge city 40, RR had 56, 72 with new adds, i think it would better doing a 80 cards expansion...
    Another thing, I don´t count the RR numbers or simbols still, but yes the original game and it have a fixed sequence, if you have your own method, ok great, if not please read the following suggestion.
    I think that for an 80 cards expansion you would must give the following values:
    -One card of each value and symbol (52 cards)
    -4, 3 and 2 of each symbol (12 cards)
    -One card more of royals cards(A,K,Q,J)of each symbol (16 cards)
    If finally you make a 72 cards expansion don´t put the last Q and J.

    I have the count of cards values and type, expansion... in a board, if you are interesting I can send you the document.

  2. I was reviewing the table and the counts and I have some mistake before, the resume is this:
    For each symbol:

    This is for 80 cards, for 72 don´t put the last 10 and J

  3. I could see why you might want the 80 round number, but the 72 number is picked because of the card sheets (which are 18 cards on each). I would prefer to keep the cost down than add more cards, which also keeps the game closer to the core mechanics. I am aware of the way BANG! organizes its suits and values. In the original+Dodge City there are 120 cards. There is an equal amount of each suit (30 each). For 2-4 of each suit there is 1 of each. For 5-7 of each suit there is 2 of each. And for 8-A of each suit there is 3 of each. Robbers' Roost tries to work with this pattern. Thus, in the original+Dodge City+RR there is 192 cards (48 each). For 2-6 of each suit there is 3 of each for each suit. For 7-K, there is 4 of each. For A, there is 5 of each. Royals had a 40% probability of drawing in original+DC; in RR, there is around a 35%. This might be modified to be lower; I want it more around 33%. It is quite impressive that you spent the time looking through my images to determine their suits/values and then think of what values should be spread across the cards. Few modders think at this level; it is to your credit that you have thought about this. Thanks for your interest on this point!

  4. the 80 is less important but values no, it isn't important how many cards are for a value at the original game, the proportion between 2-9 and 10-A it's the important, it's always 50% of each, so dinamite explodes at 12'5%...
    Isn't important the numerical value, that you show me, becouse it isn't the same between original game and Dodge City, for each 40 cards, 10 of a suit, there is always 5 10-A (1 of each) and 5 2-9 (start at 9 and going down)and this is for both original games, first I analyze the original game, after D.C. expansion (where continue 50%-50%) and after both together, when I see the relation ship between 2-9 cards, that it's imposible see in D.C. alone...

  5. I forgotten this, I game 80 game cards... if you make 18 in each sheet, you can make 72, 90 or 108, making full sheets, the other 8 or 26 cards would be characters, so you can put others of your 53 original characters, that was the idea...