Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Robbers' Roost: Accessory Cards

I have been getting some complaints about not including some of the concepts I had for Robbers' Roost cards in the final product. I chose to remove those concepts to focus more on the orange cards, and to not have an obscene amount of cards in front of players. I noticed when I had so many new blue and green cards that many players seemed to be impenetrable fortresses because of the lucky card draws they had, while others were not so lucky and were at an extreme disadvantage. I toyed around with letting people add these cards in anyway in a bonus pack, but I may have come up with a solution that makes the issue of too many cards in play less problematic. While many of the green and blue cards will still be brushed under the rug, never seeing the light of day, a few I have chosen to turn into "accessory" cards. Accessory cards are much like gun cards in that you can only have 1 in play in front of you at a time. If you play a different accessory card, it immediately discards the one you had in front of you previously. They also have similar art: a blue border without bullet holes like the guns, with the addition of a black line around them. Furthermore, they have the black silhouette art of the gun cards. So far I have 7 accessory card ideas; whether they will all stay is anybody's guess. Most of them are descendents of previous ideas:

  1. Ammo Belt: You may store a BANG! on top of your Ammo Belt, which is an extension of your hand.

  2. Cold Deck: You may discard any card from your hand to be the result of "draw!"

  3. Lucky Dice: You may show the first card you draw. If it is a club, draw an extra card.

  4. Cowboy Boots: All your Missed! count as Dodge.

  5. Hammock/Sleeping Bag: If you don't play or use any cards during your turn, draw a card at the end of your discard phase.

  6. Hunting Knife: Whenever you eliminate a player you draw 2 cards.

  7. Iron Knuckles: Discard 2 cards from you hand to Punch.

As you can tell from this list, I have converted the Cowboy Boots into an accessory card. Whether I will include these cards in a bonus pack, special edition, or just add them to Robbers' Roost is up for debate. The more I add, the more the cost goes up, and the more cards from the original BANG! I have to add to balance. We will see. I welcome your feedback regarding this idea and how to incorporate them.


  1. Turns out the store asked a bit too much for printing Robbers' Roost on playing cards, I'd rather wait for an official release! ;P :)


  2. 2 things. 1) Cowboy Boots are already in RR so why is on this list (and please don't remove it from RR because that would be devastating)

    2) thanks for this

  3. 2 responses.

    1) The Cowboy Boots are mentioned here because even as a part of RR, this card was not originally an accessory card. Now I am identifying it as such, because regardless of how many accessory cards make it into the basic version of RR, the Cowboy Boots will be included among them.

    2) You're welcome.