Thursday, April 21, 2011

Robbers' Roost: Release #7

Robbers' Roost BANG! Playing Cards

Today I am releasing the last set of orange cards. This batch includes Taunt (forces a player to shoot at you if possible), Confiscate (borrow a card in play in front of a player for a while), Dive (take a hit for another player), and also the green card Artillery (shoots in a line of fire like Cannon). I had a little more trouble getting the right art for these cards. They work, but I wanted something better. Oh well, maybe for an update. The next two releases will be less exciting, comprising of cards from the original game needed to balance Robbers' Roost. The last release, which may come in chunks, will be the Robbers' Roost guidebook. Thanks for your patience!

Download the 7th Robber's Roost Cardsheet (Playing Card Set #5)

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