Saturday, April 16, 2011

New Variants and Custom Expansions Pages

I didn't add as much content this past week because I was busy on (1) preparing for the Robbers' Roost release, and (2) adding new pages on BANG! custom expansions and variants. The first you are already aware of, but the second I haven't mentioned yet. Before the top menu bar mostly led to collections of blog posts under certain labels. While this is certainly true for many still, I have slowly been phasing these out, adding custom pages for Robbers' Roost, Death Mesa, the BANG! character guides, and now the Variants and Custom Expansions pages. The Custom Expansions page gives a short description, overall review score, and link to several custom BANG! expansions. I only included in this page expansions that were vast and complete (except for the being-released Robbers' Roost). At the moment, this collection is limited to Death Mesa, El Dorado, O. K. Corral, the Peterson Pack, and Robbers' Roost. If you know of other complete custom expansions, please leave me a comment. So the 1-2 set of custom cards that you see floating online from time to time from various authors are not included. In the future, I will try to gather together a lot of these custom cards into a large "custom card pack" all placed in a zip file for you to download.

As for the Variants page, I have tried to collect both BANG! "alternate gameplays" (which give a far vaster change in how to play the game) and "house rules," which only affect a few cards or game elements. So far I have collected 40+ variants. I know there are many others, especially "alternate gameplays," to add. It will take me a while to both try these out and write reviews for them. If you know of any good variants or "alternate gameplays" please comment on the Variants page; I left comments open there.

I hope that these two pages will help organize some of the information available on this site better and give you cards or ideas that will enhance your fun while playing BANG!

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