Thursday, April 7, 2011

Design: BANG! Card Generator Returns

Srab's BANG! card generator, designed in 2006, has returned. I have received several questions when it will be back online, and I thought I would inform everyone that it has returned today. I think many of the comments I made about the generator's limitations still stand (low-res outcome, bad border colors, no option to have card print back to back, no clear simultaneous action card like Dodge option). However, srab has improved the generator somewhat by allowing to symbols to be added to the card. Unfortunately, the 2 symbol addition only accomodates well 2 symbol cards like Cat Balou (discard symbol + 1-player symbol). It doesn't have the nice Dodge! 2 symbol format (Missed! symbol, divider underneath, and draw 1 card symbol underneath that). Nonetheless, the card generator is a nice, free option for those modders who don't care too much about getting the highest quality card. And clearly it is better than drawing your own! Many modders would benefit from at least using this generator.


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