Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rules: 3-Player BANG!

I have been getting some requests for the 3-player rules to BANG! While these are included within the Bullet and the Dodge City rulebooks, it may be that people either do not have access to these or they only have the original BANG! I will provide the rules here below, and bold important considerations.
Special Rules for 3-Player

Take these 3 role cards: Deputy, Outlaw, and Renegade. Give one of them randomly to each player, but place them face up on the table. Everyone knows the role of all three players.

The goal of each player is determined by his role:

  • The Deputy must kill the Renegade.

  • The Renegade must kill the Outlaw.

  • The Outlaw must kill the Deputy.

The game plays as usual, beginning with the Deputy.

You win as soon as you reach your goal, if you shot the final hit on your target (e.g., as a Deputy you must personally kill the Renegade).

If the other player dealt the final hit, then the goal for both survivors is to be the last man standing. For example, if the Outlaw killed the Renegade, then the Deputy did not win – he must now kill the Outlaw, who must in turn kill the Deputy in order to win.

However, any player who personally kills another one (regardless of his role) immediately draws 3 cards from the deck as a reward.

As there is no Sheriff, the Jail can be played on anyone.

Beer still has no effect when there are only 2 players left.

Personal note: In 3-Player player elimination characters are severely weakened, so I would recommend removing Vulture Sam, Herb Hunter, and Greg Digger from the game.


  1. We play 3-player with 1 Sheriff, 1 Outlaw, and 1 Renegade, dealt randomly, and only Sheriff is public. The rengade will implicitly know each other. Sheriff wins if Outlaw is killed, Outlaw will win if Sheriff is killed, and Renegade will win if he is last man standing. This is an easier to understand variant. Although the Renegade's job seems harder, he is assisted by the mutual enmity between Sheriff and Outlaw.

  2. What if dynamite blows somebody up in the 3 player game? Would it count as a personal kill (and end of game) or random death (and game continues with no cards awarded)? Should dynamite even be allowed in 3 person game?