Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Death Mesa: POD Production and Purchasing Soon (Hopefully)

I have been getting several requests from people who want to buy Death Mesa. However, BANG! is copyrighted and it is not legal for me to make money off it.

But there is still the problem of it being a hassle to produce the cards with the artwork. I may have found a solution to that problem.

I believe I have found a way to have the Death Mesa expansion printed by a POD, and I am hoping to even have it so that you can order it online. The idea is for you to just be able to click a link and have it added to a shopping cart. The expansion should roughly cost $5.20 + shipping for printing the cards, which is pretty reasonable. The cheapest price I saw for Wild West Show online was $7.95 + shipping to give a comparison. The price for Death Mesa will be so cheap because again I am not making any money off of it. I am simply finding a way to expedite the printing of the cards for you, serving as a sort of middle man. Since I have already provided the files for you, I have reformatted them for the POD, and will make a process by which you do not have to submit these reformatted files to the POD yourself.

I will provide proof that I am making zero profit from it; the only company making money off of this is the POD. This would be the same case as Kinko's making money off of you for printing the cards off at their local store. Or similarly, Canon making money off of you for buying ink cartridges and plaincards.com for getting your own card sheets to print off the custom cards. I don't think there is anything wrong with this. If there is, I guess I can just offer the preformatted cards, give a tutorial on how to upload them and schedule the order through the POD, and then you can do it yourself. I don't really see the difference, but maybe someone else does.

Anyway, before I allow anyone to have the cards printed through the POD I will want a set of the cards myself to insure their quality. $5.20 may not be much, but you still don't want crap, right? Once I get that done, if I am satisfied with the results, I will take pictures and then create the means by which you can order them through the POD yourself.


  1. Hi Martin! I am in love with these expansions, and I am hoping to buy all of them. Is there any way I can buy them all??

  2. Any news on when this unofficial expansion was released/made available for purchase?