Thursday, March 3, 2011

Character Guides for BANG! (Original Game) Complete

I just wanted to point out that I finally finished the character guides for the original BANG! characters. If you haven't had a chance to go through them yet, I highly recommend checking them out. For one, I think they have some good information in them, but two, I am sure I have made some errors somewhere, or at least left out some important information. If you can think of anything I have missed/reported incorrectly in a character guide, please comment in the post I have made for that character.

Now that the original characters are done, I will have to add in the Dodge City characters. Of course, I will also return to the original game characters, and add an additional section for when you are playing those characters with the Dodge City expansion. There will definitely be some tactical differences; many original game characters are either weakened or empowered by the Dodge City cards. I hope to note those differences in the updated guides. Anyway, I hope you will look forward to those new guides. And when I finish those (eventually), I will move on to the Wild West Show characters, and perhaps if there are requests, I will add some for Robber's Roost when that is finished.


  1. Cool blog, had a good time reading the advice :D

  2. Thanks for the comment--I am glad that you found the character guides useful. I started adding Dodge City characters today (Tequila Joe was the first). I have yet to edit the portal page, but I will get there soon.

    If you have any suggestions for new content, let me know.