Saturday, March 5, 2011

New Blank BANG! Cards for Purchase

DV-Giochi has started selling blank BANG! playing and character cards for a reasonable price (€1,90 that is roughly the equivalent $2.50). The problem is that at the moment the cost of shipping is about $47.00 (€33,80)! I am sure (or I hope) this is only a temporary problem until a supplier in America starts selling them. When I find one, I will let you know.

The blank playing/character cards come in a pack of 20: 10 playing cards, and 10 character cards. They look to be identical to the blank cards that were provided in the BANG! the Bullet. Unfortunately, due to this I doubt that there will be any 3-bullet life point cards. Sure, you can just only "color in" the 3 bullets, but many like myself would like a superior aesthetic element to them. Also, the borders will have the outlined border around them, but I don't see any easy way that they could have gotten around that.

I am curious to know how well printing on top of one of these cards works with the glossy coating it will almost definitely have over it. I suppose I could try printing over 1 of my blank BANG! the Bullet cards and letting you know. I am definitely not going to buy a pack to figure that out while shipping is as high as it is. My hunch, however, is that it will only work well for drawing over it, in a very "home made" style as in this image below.

This may work for casual modders, and that is fine, but many of us will want something that has a superior look.

Anyway, I am grateful on the whole to have them, and look forward to win shipping costs drop!

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