Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Robbers' Roost: Update on Accessory Cards

Robbers' Roost BANG! Accessory Cards

Following up on my earlier post where I introduced the idea of accessory cards to replace some of the Robbers' Roost cards I kept and others I removed from the expansion, I have finished the concepts and art for the 8 accessory cards I wish to have:
  1. Cold Deck: If you dislike the result of “draw!”, you may discard 2 cards from your hand and choose 1 of them to be the new result.

  2. Lucky Dice: If the first card you draw during phase 1 is a club, you may show that card to draw an extra card.

  3. Cowboy Boots: All your Missed! count as Dodge.

  4. Spyglass: When you play Spyglass, select 1 player who you now see at a distance -1. When that player is eliminated, select another player. Note: This is the replacement for the Stake Out idea.

  5. Lasso Rope: Whenever a card is played against you and resolved, you may discard a card from your hand that has a higher value than the card played against you to draw that card into your hand.

  6. Iron Knuckles: Once on your turn, you may discard 2 cards from your hand to Punch.

  7. Ammo Belt: You may place a BANG! on top of the Ammo Belt, which does not contribute to your card limit. This BANG! can only be used on your turn.

  8. Bear Trap: When you play Bear Trap, select 1 player who now sees you at a distance +1. When that player is eliminated, select another player. Note: This is the replacement for Rattlesnake.

Now that I have finished these accessory cards, the question will be where to put them. I am tempted to simply added them to the base Robbers' Roost expansion and add more balancing cards.


  1. I vote you place them in the Robbers' Roost expansion. Seeing as how there are only 8 cards, all in their own new category of accessory cards, it would not be too difficult to add a few more balancing cards to the deck.

  2. If the Ammo Belt is destroyed, what happens to the Bang! on top of it?

  3. Hey Kevin, glad you caught that. I've thought of both possibilities: since the one card is dependent on the other, then both might get destroyed (or stolen for that matter). However, to keep up the card's value, I think I will follow a line of reasoning that Panic!/Cat Balou only steal/discard 1 card, and so the BANG! would simply return to the player's hand in this event. He would have to discard the card if it is over his card limit on his next turn.

    Kevin, do you think they should be added in RR as well?

  4. Hi, I write you from spain, I think your work is great.
    Seeing this new cards I have a doubt, RR had already a "cowboy boots" card but of other type, What are you going to do? Change it for other or rest it as be.

    Sorry my bad english.

  5. Hola Josete, imagino que no hubieras visitado mi otro post cuando dije que cambiaria los Cowboy Boots a una carta de complementos. Pues, no sera dos tipos de cartas con el nombre Cowboy Boots.

    Perdona mi espanol!

  6. ok perfect, sorry. I usually read you every day but I'm in exam time and This week I couldn't read two days...
    I think it's a good idea, and if you put other card in the 3rd page of RR you will have an atractive 80 cards expansion.

    Two things more;
    -I assume that the intention is can play this cards with a gun, so it musn't have the gun cards border, I think, becouse you only can have one gun card in game.
    -I think that the images are too dark, I'd change the contrast.

  7. Hola otra vez Josete. Estas corecto que las cartas de complementos pueden estar jugados con las pistolas. Pero los imagines y las fronteras/bordes son muy similares a las cartas de pistolas porque quiero communicar que las cartas de complementos estan jugados en una manera similar (solemente puedes tener 1 carta de complementos en frente de ti). Como no carta de complementos es una pistola, no pienso que sera confusion. Y actualmente, los bordes de los complementos no son iguales con los borders de las pistolas. Los complementos tienen una linea negra alrededor sus bordes.

  8. I was wondering why Ammo Belt was changed? It had a cooler ability before

  9. and also, i think you should make rattlesnake and not beer trap and that it should be a blue card not an acessory card, my two cents, it would be a lot better and more fun as a blue card

  10. Ammo Belt was changed because I felt it was OP. Card limits are a huge part of the game and adding a +1 made it so that many characters were unbalanced and the Sheriff got too strong often. This revised version of Ammo Belt is meant to correct that. Rattlesnake and Bear Trap are pretty much equivalent, except in name. Bear Trap was used because accessories were supposed to be more equipment-like versus something you own. I think Bear Trap works well as an accessory, because although it can stack with Mustang and Hideout, it makes you unable to play down another accessory cards. I appreciate your opinion, though!