Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Design: BANG! Card Game Borders (2.5 x 3.5)

BANG! card game playing card borders

EDIT (8/2/11): I am no longer hosting the files on Adrive. The Google Docs method is working once more, and does require biweekly updates. It should work fine now.

EDIT: A character border is now included in the pack.

As I have started to chip away at making a POD version of Robbers' Roost, I thought I would also release some of my design files to the public. This way, interested persons could use them to help them make their own custom BANG! cards. It will also help me upload the necessary files to finish some of the tutorials I want to make. Today, I will be releasing BANG! card game borders for 2.5" x 3.5" cards. Note that this is not the standard size for BANG! cards. Rather, this is what would be used by a modder wanting to use a card template or POD and isn't concerned about card trimming. I will release borders that are identically sized to BANG! cards tomorrow. Both border packs include borders for:
  • Gun Cards.

  • Blue Cards.

  • Green Cards.

  • Character Cards.

  • Brown Cards.

  • Grey Cards. These are used in Death Mesa, and if someone wanted to add their own to the Dead Men's Deck, they could do so.

  • Orange Cards. These are used in Robbers' Roost, but modders should feel free to make their own orange cards.

I am aware that there are other borders for the event card decks. I will get to adding these later. Since they are not used in Robbers' Roost or Death Mesa, getting those files up is a detour from my current project.

Download the BANG! Card Game Border Pack (2.5 x 3.5)


  1. Hey

    Today i received my Death Mesa Deck from POD! It looks so beautiful and is perfekt.

    I am looking for the Robbers roost to oder soon! There is just one suggestion to make:

    As you shuffle Robbers Roost into the Bang Main Deck, the cards should have the same size as the original Bang! Because the Death Mesa cards don`t have.

    And the Donation!? Can users support you in this way!?



  2. Hey Stefan, thanks for the comment. I am glad that the deck turned out so well: I worked hard to make it so! As for your suggestion, you are correct that Robbers' Roost needs to be the same size as the original BANG! cards (Death Mesa was a separate deck, so I didn't worry about it; it saved people money too!). I handcut my own for the Robbers' Roost example that I showed pictures of. It is more difficult with a POD as they only produce 2.5 x 3.5 cards. They are willing to cut the cards down to the right size, but this adds $40 to the job. Since he can do about 8-10 decks in an hour, the cost will be spread out amongst the different decks (adding $4-$5 to each). The question is whether a groupon needs to be done (so that no orders are processed until at least 8 are ordered), or if I can front the cash somehow. This is part of the reason I have wanted donations, because then I can use that money to make it easier for Robbers' Roost to be produced through the POD. And yes, users can support me through donation.

    Thus, getting Robbers' Roost up through a POD will be slower with the sizing problem, and (2) the color management problem. Since Robbers' Roost adds playing cards to the official deck, the backs of the cards need to match the backs of the official cards as closely as possible. This is not too bad when you have your own printer, but since I don't know how to manage the colors for the POD's printer, this will be difficult. I will likely mail them some copies of the official BANG! cards to match, and I will hope that they do a good job!

  3. Your Adrive link is dead. please reupload. thanks! great stuff! cant wait for Robbers Roost to come out to buy. I would definitely buy one when it comes out! -will

  4. I updated the link, so it should work now. Thanks for the support on Robbers' Roost; I am sorry that it will take much longer on getting it out with my computer getting robbed.

  5. This blog is so great! My husband and I love Bang! and have played it with tons of friends. So for my husband's birthday, I'm having our friends create their own characters to add to our deck. I'll be the one actually making the cards, though, which is why this blog is incredible.

    I was wondering why the Adrive link says, "The file you are trying to access is no longer available publicly."? Is there any way I could get the download for the character card border from you? I'll also search for the image for the back of the card and for the fonts on this blog. If they wind up the same - not available publicly, could I get the downloads for those as well?

    Once again, I say... outstanding!

  6. The link should now work; it expires after a few weeks, requiring me to constantly reshare it. As for the backs, give me your e-mail address and I can send it to you. For the fonts, go here: http://bangcardgame.blogspot.com/2011/01/design-bang-card-game-fonts.html

  7. Fabulous. You can email me at matthewsbdaysprise@yahoo.com. Do you still recommend ordering from plaincards?

    Thanks again!!

  8. Hey Matt, sorry I totally blew it on this one. I recommend plaincards still for the initial modding. You will pleased to know that I have created an InDesign master template for designing BANG! cards. Check out the post from yesterday. It will have all of the resources (in conjunction with the art packs) you need for designing the custom characters. It has the backs images included in it. You may still need them in a jpg format--I will send those to you just in case. If you do not have InDesign, there are free trials for 30 days, which should help you temporarily design character cards. I bet you could pop out 8 characters with the template in an hour. Then just export the file to a high quality PDF.

  9. Is there a way to get the placemats and life bullets without purchasing the original game? I just want to purchase the bullet with basic game and expansions... any help is appreciated!