Thursday, December 16, 2010

Strategy: Aggressive Renegade against Deputies

After concluding in a prior post that the Renegade that perma-covers as a Deputy is a bad strategy, I wanted to bring up a Renegade strategy that I like for games with 5-7 players. The strategy is to be very aggressive against the Deputy(ies) almost immediately. Watch for the Outlaws to gun the Sheriff and then a player to respond against them, or a player(s) who shoot at other players besides the Sheriff. Chances are this is your Deputy. Even if the game is overbalanced with Outlaws against the law (like in 6-player), shoot at the Deputy first. If he is a 4-health character, try to knock his health down to 2. A 3-health character, try to knock his health down to 2. Don't knock him too low or the outlaws might pop off the Deputy. However, on the whole the Outlaws are so focused on popping off the Sheriff that they will not waste firepower on the Deputy. The Deputy will have plenty of Missed! and Beers to use before you get him down, so don't worry too much. But you need to get him down some or the law can overpower you later on. The deputy might fire back at you, but he can't do too much or he won't be able to cover the Sheriff. In 5-player, it's not bad to pop off the Deputy right away unless the Sheriff is too weak and the Outlaws strong. Besides this, once the deputy's health is lowered sufficiently, then turn to weakening the outlaw team by killing one of their players. Immediately turn to knocking off or lowering the health on the Deputy again. You want it so that even if the Sheriff isn't completely weakened by the time all the other Outlaws are gone, finishing off the Deputy (if he isn't already) is no problem.

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