Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Revised Robbers' Roost Guidebook Available

I completely recreated the Robbers' Roost Guidebook. It now has the most up to date information on the rules for the orange and purple modules. I have added several examples of how orange cards are resolved and played in different situations. The Guidebook also contains detailed explanations of the new and revised playing cards and characters. I have addressed questions about how to play certain Robbers' Roost cards in specific scenarios, as have been asked in the forums. Besides this, I have added a new method of production. Finally, there have been a few tweeks to some playing cards and characters (Jack West--now named Pat Barrett, Laura Billion, Lela Devere, Porter Rockwall, and Confiscate). The 8.5" x 11" playing card sheets have been reuploaded with these adjustments.

Now that I believe I have adjusted a little more to being a new parent, I should be able to dedicate some more time to the BANG! Blog. I am excited to get the RR POD out, as well as write more on Gold Rush, Valley of Shadows, and the multiplayer, multicross-enabled BANG! video game. Expect more posts soon!

Download the new Robbers' Roost Guidebook here.


  1. Hello Martin,

    Can I just get a personal Robbers' Roost deck? I would like to test this expansion in games with my friends here in Brazil.

    Does the print service from Superior-POD result as same quality cards as original?

  2. I am having proofs of how close they can match the colors on the backs of the cards mailed to me as we speak.

    Quality has not been an issue in the past. At least I have been very pleased with the results of Death Mesa from the POD. There are obviously some differences with the original cards. You will notice that they have a "linen finish" that the POD cards will not have. This shouldn't really be noticable during the game, unless you were to take a flashlight over the cards, or were looking very closely. Functionally speaking, there shouldn't be a difference. As for the different card sizes, Robbers' Roost with the POD this time will be custom cut to match the card sizes in the original game (darn Euro sizes!). I have taken very long to get this done, and I apologize for that. Part of it is because it is a meticulous process that needs to be done right, and part of it has been changes in the amount of time I have had in my personal life.

    I will keep you posted. And will show pictures of my results.

  3. So you are making one that we can purchase?

  4. When I look at the final version of the robbers' roost and take a look of the progress of it, there's lots of things you did diffrently.

    I would be really intrested to know why you let some of the cards out( for example, I don't see Face off in the final version, which would have been simple and actually really nice card, especially when you have Stand off) and what made you to put another card type, purple cards, into this expansion? I mean that it already had orange cards, and lot of brown cards, so what was the reasons to not make any new brown cards and instead to make a whole new mechanic?

  5. I haven't played Robbers' Roost yet, but the new version of Toss in unclear to me: So you can pass the dynamite like hot potato, which is cool, but does the card go to that player's hand or in front of him? And which is the case for other cards like Barrel or Sombrero?

    I also noticed that by using Toss, I could be able to free myself from Jail. Is that supposed to be so? I mean, it's hard for me to imagine someone throwing a Barrel - sometimes even futher you can shoot ;) - but throwing the whole Jail is pretty weard for gaming aspects also.

  6. Hey I'm just curious if there has been any progress on getting Robber's Roost printed? As I recall a few months ago you had attempted to get color matching done and (if I recall correctly) received your proofs. But I don't think you've said anything since. Did the proofs have issues? Any idea when and if Robber's Roost will be in an orderable form? Everything I've seen of this expansion seems awesome and really fun, I'm anxious to get to play around with it for myself. Keep up the stellar work.

  7. I hate to say it (fear not!), but the main holdback on Robbers' Roost has been the POD. They have been incredibly slow in responding to my request, with multiple e-mails sent with no feedback or response. I sent another today; I hope I will have more to report.

  8. Yeah that's tough. If it's the same people you suggested people use for Death Mesa I'll just add that I had a pretty miserable experience with them, took almost 2 months to ship my order out. And they didn't respond to any inquiries about the order... I got the impression that the POD stuff was a side business and that whoever was in charge had other things taking up their time. I couldn't imagine having to have a back and forth with them.

    I'm sure you are far more informed about this stuff then myself, so you may already know about this... But I came across this site by accident awhile ago that does custom game manufacturing. I don't see anything on their site about color matching and custom sizing but it might be worth shooting an email to them (worst case scenario is they say no), they definitely appear to do quality work at a very reasonable price. Good Luck

  9. Edited the files and have a set being printed. If they turn out good I will post the link.