Monday, November 21, 2011

More Accomplice Ideas

I have finished a few more ideas for accomplices. This is just the initial phase where I try to only strike down ideas that clearly don't work. General balancing of them will take some time.

As for production, I am tempted to make it an 18 card deck, but have another accomplice on the card backs. This maximizes the printing value. Thoughts? Can you see any problems with doing it this way? Will someone try to cheat and switch their accomplice mid-game? But someone call always try to cheat if they wish and this seems like a less plausible way of doing it (more likely to get caught). Anyway, here the new ideas are below:


  1. Some questions:

    Lilian Smythe - Are those 2 cards discarted at random?
    Big Nose Nick - Don't you think he's much Overpower? I can imagine a character with his ability. Perhaps his ability could be respond a duel with one free bang!

    Some Thoughts:

    -A prisoner who gives the ability to get out prison with diamonds too.
    -A hunter who gives the ability to draw one extra card when you kill someone.
    -A vulture who gives the ability to take one card in your choice from a player who you eliminated.
    -A law man who once in your turn, you may "draw!", in spades you could arrest someone.

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  2. I personally don't feel that there's a problem with Big Nose Dick, as there's only 3 Duels in the whole deck. I would rather call Pearl Hart overpower, because she can turn Beer in to an offensive strike. That's really something, especially when there's only two players left!

  3. Missed!, my sentiments exactly. Although I don't know how useful Pearl is before then. Beer is pretty desirable; sacrificing it for a Punch is pretty rough until 2 player.

  4. I like duel, it's one of the most sucessfull way to hit the enemy, the duel ignore distances and defense cards (if you have a lot of bangs). But I think the best method to say someone's OP is testing the accomplices in the game. For example, how bad is Pearl Hart in the early/mid game until obtain a great power in the late game? that's something you just see playing a lot.

  5. About Pearl Hart: if you are Madam Yto and you play a Beer as a Punch, do you still get the free card?

  6. With my knowledge, it is good way to do expansion. If there only few cards like 18, there is enough time to balanced it.

    Pearl Hart: Pls, buff his ability to may play BEER as PUNCH or PANIC.

  7. Then, I am Martin Blazko, czech fun.

  8. Dear, Sir Martin Pulido . i have a idea same your Accomplice. i played with my friend, and it is good. That, each man start game with 3 Character cards. 1 card face down to show player Lifepoint, 1 Main character, and last to active: only one times during 1 round until next his turn. i think that idea is good to share. Thanks your "Robber's Roost". I and my friend like it so much. Goodluck to you

  9. I think that having 18 cards with one accomplice on each side would work fine. I know that my friends most likely wouldn't try to change their accomplice in the middle of the game, but I can see how some people might be tempted to try.

    I like the idea of having a choice as to which accomplice I get to use. My friends and I always pass out two character cards to each player so that we have a choice in which character we play as.

    1. thats what me and my friends do too, sometimes we even have 3 choices or do variations where we have 1 flipped over and one we can't see, so we can chose the one we see or flip over and hope we don't get a sucky one or worse one

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  11. Silver Skirt - it should be worded that she draws a card after her Phase 2 because if she actually had a Phase 3 (discard excess cards), then she wouldn't be able to draw a card in the first place. To bring less confusion to your players, I recommend stating after her Phase 2.

    Mick Fink - he shouldn't be allowed to activate his ability twice during a round. It is more difficult to keep track of times when it is more than once and there is a large group of people. I think his ability should be once per round (and that would include his turn) he can use his ability. Mick Fink is my favorite character on this list.

    Albert Boothwell - very neat ability. I recommend allowing other players to discard a card from their hand in order to enable the flipped card to be utilized.

    Shadow Elk - very neat concept;however, I would suggest having the character discard a Beer card to protect another player. Then, still have other players discard a card to attack the protected player.

    Lilian Smythe - I like her ability, but I would say you're limiting her power. I would have her skip her draw phase in order to either take one card from two separate players or two cards from one individual player.

    Gordo Scurlock - I don't like this ability at all. It seems too closely related to Turd Ferguson from Robbers' Roost. I also have questions. What happens the next round after he chooses one of his/her cards to be an Iron Plate? Is it still an Iron Plate the next round? I recommend eliminating this character altogether or completely re-developing his ability.

    Big Nose Nick - too weak of a character. There aren't that many Duel cards so his ability would rarely be used. I would consider changing the ability of this character to something else.

    Pearl Hart - Beer cards being used as Punches...awesome. I think this character will be a great addition to BANG! She would be extremely powerful during two player BANG! too.

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