Friday, November 11, 2011

Gold Rush: BGG Interview with Roberto Corbelli @ Essen Spiel 2011

The following interview with Roberto Corbelli lets you see a lot of the pieces inside the upcoming Gold Rush expansion. Corbelli explains how Gold Rush adds economics to BANG! with the gold nuggets and equipment cards they card purchase. He runs through the rules that are in the expansion, as well as the Shadow Gunslinger Variant. At the end of the interview he reveals that Gold Rush will be available in the United States at the beginning of next year. Just a 1000 printing run had been made for the conference. Of interest, he shows all of the character cards. I zoomed in on the video, and have the English for all of the character abilities:

Simeon Picos: Each time he loses 1 life point, he takes 1 gold nugget.

Raddie Snake: During his turn, he may discard 1 gold nugget to draw 1 card up to 3 times.

John McCloud: He may draw the top equipment card from the deck by discarding 2 gold nuggets.

Jacky Murieta: During his turn, he may pay 2 gold nuggets to play an extra BANG!

Madam Yto: Each time a Beer card is played, she draws 1 card from the deck.

Don Bell: At the end of his turn, "draw!" If Hearts or Diamonds, he plays an extra turn.

Dutch Will: He draws 2 cards, discards 1, and takes 1 gold nugget.

Pretty Luzena: Once per turn, she may buy any 1 equipment at a cost reduced by 1 gold nugget.


  1. Madam Yto? Nooooo. And you thought John Pain was OP??

  2. Madam Yto one time during a match was having, with a LOT of luck, like 20 cards on his hand :D So many Bang!s, trying for the Volcanic. At least he got one (the last "General Store on his Hand")... No story for others XD (It was an outlaw, like me! Horray :D)

  3. madam Yto should have 25% chance to get an extra round. if you compare black jack with madam Yto its unbalanced. black jack has 50% chance to get an extra card and madam Yto has a 50% chance to get an extra round which means she draws 2 cards and has the benefits of a second phase II.

  4. I think you are referring to Don Bell, not Madam Yto. Her ability doesn't sound that bad to me. There are not many Beer cards.

  5. I was BETA TESTER.

    The characters are fine. Doll Benn plays extra turn with 50 % change. I know he is better than BLACK JACK, 25 % change was enough for Emiliano, it was hard to get our extra turn and sometime it result just = 2 extra cards. He need be buffed:(but there was nothing like 35-40 %), cards color suits are balanced only on 50:50(black:red) and 25 % for each color.

    With 25 % change, testplayers just prefer Black Jack before Don Bell.

  6. Others character are just cool. I likes Don Bell, Madam Yto(Nice to play Beer in final duel), Pretty Suzane(Easy to pay 0 for 1 cost reward or buy 2 cost for 1 and then do 1 damage to get 1 nuget back - result 1 life lost of target player, 0 nugets lost).

  7. 50% extra turn is way better than Black Jack's ability. It is not just because he has a 50% chance of getting 2 extra cards, which spread out across turns means he gets 3 cards a turn (equivalent to Pixie Pete's ability) and he has 4 life points (making him better than Pixie Pete). He additionally gets to play an extra BANG!, which makes him more powerful offensively than Black Jack and Pixie Pete. He is OP in comparison to those in a similar ability category. Just my 2 cents. Marty

  8. I really don't appreciate the insertion of the nugget's mechanisms in caracter's ability, we can't play them without the others Gold Rush cards. Therefore I like Madam Yto and Don Bell, but i also think he could have just 3 life points, because he has more offensive power than Black Jack and Pixie Pete.
    Sometimes, I miss an expansion that just introduce new brown/blue and caracters cards in the game, without need to change the mechanisms of the original game.

  9. It should be noted that it is not the case that there is no variable between 25 and 50% variable in BANG!. This is why I instituted Royals (values J, Q, K and A) as a drawing value in Robbers' Roost.

  10. That's correct Martin, and I think you found a good way to solve that (Royals). But I still think Don Bell is OP! I realized he has more offensive power than a single extra bang! He can put in game a green card and play it without someone's answer. So doesnt Black Jack. If he had 25% of sucess, he'd be more balanced. He wouldn't have the same chances than black jack, but he'd have more offensive power.

  11. You're right--he is even worse than I feared with the green cards. Hmm... 25% seems too little. Maybe a 33% royal is the way to go. The problem is without the balancing RR cards, in the base game I think royals are around 40%. Marty

  12. In both cases (only BCG and BCG+Dodge City) royals are 40%. I don't think is the best percentage, but it's better than 50%. You don't have any reason to prefer Black Jack at this percentage (50%). 33% is better, but i didn't figure out a way to reach it. What do you think about royals without A (30%)? Is it too low?

  13. :\ I don't think the new character's abilities should be so focused on gold nuggets in my opinion...I think it would be more fun for unique abilities that did not revolved around the gold nuggets.

  14. I just want new brown/blue/green cards!

  15. I agree with all of you, the Don Bell seems a little to overpower than Black Jack, Pixie Pete.

    His power shows mostly in final of game. There is enough good with 25% and excelent with 50%.

    But at begin of game, with 25 % change - he seemed as weak character: due, easy to elimated, 1-4 turn you get your extra power. When it happends, I often has few life so I could not be agresive in my first turn and hope to get my second turn.

    With 50 % change: his power shows in final game. In first turns, it stronger than with 25 % percentage, but you avoid to risk waste to much cards in first turn.

    Ideal as renegade, bandits, vice but no sheriff. It is good for ofense.

    His ability is % ability and it depends on luck.

    Gold Nugget Ability: Firstly, we test all cool character(totally 30, but only 10 pass) without gold nugget ability(They will pass to next expansion in 2013 - all characters are ready), but there was idea to join they ability to golden nuggets, so we try it.

  16. Well, I was thinking only about preserve the original scenario of the game when I criticized the new caracter's ability, because that's what I like. However someone who purchase that expansion would like to have more interaction as possible from the new rules, and I think those caracters bring it to the game.
    Great news about a new expansion, hoping that this one brings new blue/brown/green cards.

  17. Don Bell CLEARLY is overpowered, and it only took one game with my friends to realize this (in fact, the moment I heard his ability, I thought it was way too good to be true). He's just a better Black Jack:
    +Does not have to reveal his second card
    +Same probability (50%)
    +Draws 2 extra cards, not 1
    +Able to play another BANG!
    +Green-bordered cards from first turn are activated
    +Printed with 4 life, necessary to nerf to 3
    Initially, I thought he was designed mainly for use with Shadow-Slinger (since green-bordered cards are useless to shadows, on top of the fact that he has potential to BANG! twice), so the following rounds my friends and I, instead of deducting 1 life, we simply did not let him draw 2 extra cards. In this regard, he's not a glass cannon, but neither is he OP.

    Dutch Will on the other Compared to Pretty Luzena:
    -They share the same life
    -She discounts 1 gold nugget instead, so in a sense she balances out with Dutch Will
    -Dutch Will always gets 1 gold nugget, while Pretty Luzena may not necessarily use her discount every turn but...
    -At least she draws 2 cards! Being able to draw only 1, even from a choice of 2, completely sucks. On top of the fact that...
    -Those extra cards she draws potentially allow her to receive more gold nuggets (i.e. Beer, BANG!, Indians!, etc.)

    It annoys me that after how broke WWS was, they still did not bother to balance Gold Rush completely. Sure it's not AS broken as WWS, but with 25% of the characters in the expansion being OP/Bill-Noface-tier, I'm dissatisfied with this expansion.

  18. Actually, I take that back (slightly). I didn't realize at first Dutch Will is meant to be a Shadow-Slinger because generally as Shadow-Slinger, you're looking for just one BANG!. As it was my first round of Gold Rush, I played him as Sheriff, which is probably the worst possible role to play as Dutch Will.

    However, I still think drawing only 1 card handicaps him too much and far outweighs the benefit of accruing gold nuggets as a shadow.

  19. What do you guys feels about Jacky Murieta?
    He doesn't look that good in the paper, "just another Doc Hollyday" one might think. But the diffrence is in the game mechanic: it doensn't matter how you deal the damage to other player; you will gain a gold nugget.

    Now, the guide book says that he actually can fire more than one extra bang. This is huge! Imagine that you play as him, and have 3 gold nuggets and Bang! in your hand. Your facing an opponent with no missed effects. You shoot the bang, he takes hit, you gain nugget. Now you got 4, which allow you to shoot twice more. Then, those two hits produce another 2 gold nuggets, so you can fire one more time. (+1 gold for hitting that player)

    The result? Opponent with 4 life points died, you lost (one) bang! and basically 2 gold. I cannot say that his OP, as a single Missed! can ruin this strategy but still, it shouldn't be too hard to pull out this kind of attack.