Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Boot Hill Characters

While posting on the design of the Dodge City expansion to BANG!, I noted how some of the early characters in the draft were axed. I speculated that this probably included the Boot Hill characters. Some have asked regarding the Boot Hill characters, and I thought I would share them in more detail here. Feel free to check out the larger image above for a more close up look on the characters.
  1. Judge Dread (4 LPs): At the end of his turn, if he had less than 2 cards in hand, he drew 1 card.

  2. Juan Miranda (4 LPs): Each time he was hit, he could "draw!": on Hearts or Diamonds, the character who hit him had to play a Missed! card or lose 1 life point.

  3. Dynamite Dick (4 LPs): He was unaffected by the Dynamite. During his turn, he could draw the Dynamite from the discard deck.

  4. Dalton Gang (3 LPs): They might hold in their hand twice the normal allowed number of cards, and they began with 6 cards in hand.

  5. July Ann Winslow (4 LPs): In her turn, she drew until she had up to 4 cards in her hand.

  6. Heremy Baile (3 LPs): Each time a player drew a card from his hand or in play in front of Jeremy, that player had to lose 1 life point.

  7. Will Penny (4 LPs): Each time he was about to lose a card from the hand or in play in front of him, he could choose which card to lose.

  8. Tharley Callum (4 LPs): In her turn, she could see the cards in the hand of any one player.

  9. Captain Barrett (2 LPs): At the beginning of the Sheriff's turn, he drew 2 cards from the deck.

  10. Matthew Hazard (4 LPs): Instead of "draw!", he could discard a card from his hand nad use it as the result of the "draw!".

BANG! modders and character designers have reintroduced these characters intentionally and unintentionally. While making this post, I was surprised to see how similar Will Penny's and Juan Miranda's abilities were to ones I thought of for the new Jack West. Anyway, I hope these eliminated character ideas will provide you with some food for thought in character design.


  1. actually that was exactly my problem. i zoomed in quite a lot so i could finally read it but in this way its much easier ;)

  2. Is there any possibility to buy them or to print them out?

  3. I know some very low quality reproductions of the Boot Hill characters have been made. However, I think most of them are unbalanced. Nonetheless, it is quite the irony that most of these passed away given how OP many WWS characters turned out.

  4. Martin Blazko

    I know new cemetry about 20 characters that did not pass beta testing and I have own cemetry about 100 characters ability.