Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Character Strategies

I am going to start writing strategy guides for each of the BANG! characters. I will first examine only the original game characters with the original game cards. Strategy Guides will include general card information (name, life points, ability information), and then I will also note what "activates" their ability, cards they can use that are enhanced/diminished by their ability, and cards that are used against them that are more/less powerful because of their ability. I also note how good they are once there are 2 players living, share a general strategy of how to use the character, how to play against this character, and what roles they are particularly good at. If applicable, I also note which characters they counter well, or characters that counter them. Initially, these strategy guides will be a little sketchy; not the most graphically pleasing. I hope also that people will comment and add to the guides or suggest areas where they may be incorrect.

Go to the BANG! Character Guide Portal.

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