Death Mesa: The Dead Play Among Us

Death Mesa is no longer available for purchase online. You may, however, download 18" x 12" files and make your own personal copy of Death Mesa. You are only authorized to make 1 personal copy, and you cannot sell your copy to another person. I have provided a tutorial teaching how to use these 18" x 12" files with an online printing service to make yourself a high quality of Death Mesa. It is easy and should take little time and effort on your part.

Here are some shots of the cards:

Death Mesa BANG! Cards Template

Death Mesa BANG! Cards Example

The last shot is from the prototype I received from the POD. Since then, I have extended the borders and lightened up the card images if you were noticing anything there.

Download PDFs: 8.5" x 11" and 18" x 12"

Death Mesa is a free print-and-play expansion for BANG!, available for download. At the moment, it is available in English and Italian. Both French and Spanish translations are in progress. I hope that a Czech translation will occur in the future.

You should download the Death Mesa Guidebook first (available separately, or in the full zip), and select your production method. If you want to make a high quality personal copy of Death Mesa using a printing service, use the 18" x 12" card sheets in conjunction with this tutorial. If you plan on printing the cards on card sheets (designed specifically for them), or simply printing them off on computer paper and drawing them out of a bag, use the 8.5" x 11" card sheets.

18" x 12" Card Sheets.

8.5" x 11" Card Sheets.

Download the Full Death Mesa Expansion (Alpha Version)

Download the Death Mesa expansion (Alpha Version) in parts:

Since this is the Alpha Version of Death Mesa, I would appreciate feedback on this expansion that you can provide either feedback on the BANG! Blog or by e-mailing me. That way I can improve the Death Mesa expansion for the future.

About Death Mesa

BANG! is an excellent western-themed card game. However, many BANG! fans have lamented the element of player elimination. After all, it can be pretty boring waiting around 15-45 minutes for a game to end. Death Mesa creates a solution to this problem by having eliminated players remain in the game as ghosts, which are able to impact the game's outcome, help their team mates, and even succeed in their roles. Ghosts have no life points, no distance constraints, cannot die, and also draw from a specialized deck of cards called the Dead Men's Deck. Cards from this deck allow the ghosts to possess the living, bequeath items from their will, inspire or weaken others, reveal information on cards in player's hands, warn of impending doom, and so forth. Ghosts however, can spoil each other's plans. With a strong thematic background, Death Mesa should add to the fun of BANG! and draw new fans to it who could not stand the player elimination.

For card by card explanations, and information on the Death Mesa expansion as a whole, consult the detailed instructions provided in the Death Mesa Guidebook.

Death Mesa Guidebook

I have provided the following Death Mesa Guidebook to give detailed instructions, as well as explanations of the cards, and different ways to print and produce the cards. I have also provided a card identification sheet. You should find that it answers most of your FAQs.

Player Aid

Death Mesa BANG! Player Aid

I have created a document explaining Death Mesa rules and cards, which is much easier for BANG! players to take to a game and give to their friends than the unwieldy, full-color, 13-page Guidebook. The player aid is a simple 2-sided trifold that is designed to fit right inside a BANG! box (I am sure it will fit inside the Bullet as well). Just download the aid and print it out. Then cut along the edges, and fold the document along the lines. The aid provides a basic explanation of the rules, cards, and adjusted victory conditions.

Download the Death Mesa Player Aid.

Death Mesa Cards

Curse. A living player of your choice must discard 1 more card after his next discard phase. At that time, take the discarded card and add it to your “buried goods.”

Cemetary. All dead players uncover their “buried goods.” Choose 1 living player to draw 2 of them, and then the other living players, starting to the left of the person you chose, draw 1.

Blood Juice
Blood Juice. Choose any player to gain 1 life point.

Bad Moon Rising
Bad Moon Rising. “Draw!” from the normal deck. On spades, all living players must discard 2 cards from their hand or in front of them, or lose 1 life. On clubs, they must discard 1 card or lose 1 life. On hearts, they draw 1 card.
Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes. Select 1 living player to draw 1 less card on their next drawing phase. At that time, draw a card from the normal deck and add it to your “buried goods.”
The East Wind
The East Wind. Select 2 living players. Until your next turn,
whenever they try to attack each other, they must play 2 cards with
bang symbols. They choose which card occurs when they play 2.
Dry Spell
Dry Spell. A target living player cannot gain health by any alcoholic drink (this includes Saloon) until your next turn.
Desicrate Grave
Desicrate Grave. Discard 2 "buried goods" cards from another dead player.
Decay. Discard a card in play in front of any living player, unless that player discards a Missed!
Ghost Stories
Ghost Stories. A living player of your choice may play or use only 1 card on their next turn.
Last Testament
Last Testament. Play this card to give 1 card of your choice from your “buried goods” to another player.
In Memoriam
In Memoriam. A target living player may play any number of BANG! on his next turn as long as the target of the BANG! is your killer. If your killer is dead, the player you choose may play 1 extra BANG! this turn.
Hidden Stash
Hidden Stash. Select any living player to draw 1 card immediately.
Guilty Conscience
Guilty Conscience. Select any living player that has killed someone to be unable to play or use any card that could inflict damage to another player on his next turn.
Mirage. When a player is directly attacked, play this card to redirect the attack to another living player (besides the attacker) who is directly to the left or right of the player who was attacked.
Proper Burial
Proper Burial. Play this card in front of a living player. If this player does not play or use any cards on his next turn (observing the burial), then he draws 2 cards at the end of his discard phase.
Possess. Select a card from a living player’s hand. Play it as you wish, consistent with this player’s distance constraints. Blue and green cards may be played in front of others. The possessed player can attack himself. If the card cannot be played return the card to its owner.
Poltergeist. All living players must discard a blue or green card in play in front of them (excluding Dynamite and Prison), or lose 1 life point.
Nightmare. Choose a living player to lose their character ability until your next turn.
Rob Grave
Rob Grave. Steal 1 card at random from another dead player’s “buried goods” and give it to a living player of your choice.
Spook. BANG! a living player.
Warn. Play this card when another player is attacked (Indians! and Duel do not count) to play a Missed! for them.
Terrify. Select 1 card from a living player’s hand or in front of him. Reveal this card and place it face up in front of him in a horizontal position. They cannot use this card until your next turn.
Syphon. Steal 1 Dead Men's Deck card from a dead player. This card cannot be negated.
Seance. Pick 2 cards at random from a living player's hand to be
secretly shown to you and another living player of your choice. No
other action can occur until the cards are returned.
Unfinished Business
Unfinished Business. The last player you attacked while alive must “draw!” On reds, steal 1 card from his hand and add it to your “buried goods.” On blacks, he is the target of a BANG! If the player is already dead or your last attack while alive targetted multiple players, choose another living player, which your role dictates you must kill, to “draw!”