Monday, October 5, 2020

October 2020 Updates

I've been working on a new version of Robbers' Roost, which you can print off using the Game Crafter. It will take me over a month to get my copy, so in the meantime I've been cleaning up this website. There's been a lot of cobwebs to dust off, as I'm sure well you know. A list of updates I've done:

- I've re-enabled the forum
- Removed spam from blog and forum
- Updated Fan Expansions section (more to be done here)
- Added more on Director's Cuts, including characters, updated abilities, and event cards
- Updated Community links
- Fixing broken links and images (thanks Google for breaking my images)
- Updated Downloads section (files for many languages, including much needed files for Valley of Shadows, Gold Rush, and Armed & Dangerous)
- Added images for characters and cards from Valley of Shadows, Gold Rush, and Armed & Dangerous in the strategy section.

Work I'll be doing over this next month:

- Continuing to fix broken links and images
- Adding variants that have come out in the past several years
- Examining other fan expansions that have come out
- Looking at new BANG! resources to add to community page
- Give more consideration to digital sources for BANG!
- Review modding tools


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  2. To help a little, these are the expansions I know.

    Cusp of Carabelli


    The Most Wanted

    Team Fortress
    (which I don't like personally. They don't look like western-theme)

    I've heard of an expansion called "the bad, the good, and the BANG!" but I can't find it.

    (and of course) BANG! Brawl

    I'm also making a mini parody expansion called "Backstroke of the West"

    1. What will Backstroke of the West be about?

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    3. It would be something like ‘Valley of Shadow’
      It is based on the Star Wars III : Return of the Sith.
      Backstroke of the West is a famous Star Wars meme. Search in YouTube!

      I’m trying to make characters and playing cards based on Sith and Dark Side of the Force.
      Unlike the Team Fortress expansion, I’ll do my best to make it look like BANG!

    4. Wow, this is really funny. Revenge of the Sith as Backstroke of the West. I particularly enjoy the Jedi Council as being described as the "Presbyterian Church." Ridiculous mistranslations probably done by a computer and called good.

  3. Thanks for sharing these -- will have to check them out. I'd heard of the Team Fortress one, but not these others (beyond your BANG! Brawl).

    1. I just finished looking through Quincy's. The first one looks like a sort of reinterpretation of Robbers' Roost for green cards, as well as some original ideas based on the artwork. The Osseo Integrated one looks the most intriguing to me in building on Gold Rush with some more original ideas. Most Wanted tacks on to Osseo, as he notes, but also has a few ideas. I'll have to review that some of this work.

      Balancing is definitely a struggle for some of these projects. It's hard to do a new good character that is classed appropriately with the other characters. There is such a goal for exciting and powerful, that it offsets the balance of the game (like with WWS). I am all for adding gameplay variety, but it needs to be handled carefully. I liked a lot of the variety in the abilities you had in Brawl -- many ideas for character abilities I had never considered there. Well done.

    2. Do you know any good 2 player BANG! rule? I usually play BANG! with my brother (especially these days). I am using my own rule called 'the Magnificent Eight.' It does contain some mafia-like things, but it isn't perfect.

      Also I have some trouble with mass destruction cards (Gatling, Indians! etc.)

    3. This has been a troubling point for me -- trying to determine some good 2 player rules that don't just keep the distance element going properly, but also work out item like hidden knowledge, etc. I figure there's a reason they created the BANG! the duel games.


      Three characters I made for the Backstroke of the West. As I stated at the blog, they are not yet complete. I especially like D the Superior.

    5. Sorry: Two characters and one playing card.

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  5. Canyon Diablo
    The Good, The Bang, and The Ugly

  6. I'll need to take a look -- thanks for pointing it out.