Friday, September 9, 2011

Gold Rush: Release Date Announcement

BANG! Gold Rush expansion

Gold Rush, the next official expansion to BANG! the card game that will reach a worldwide audience, is slated to be introduced at this year's International Gaming Fair in Essen, Germany (going on from October 20-23, 2011). It will be debuted in Italy during the Lucca Comics & Games Festival from October 28-November 1, 2011. It should be in major gaming stores come early November.

Gold Rush will be a pretty exciting expansion, which I hope will rival the likes of Dodge City. It incorporates many of the elements into BANG! that I have tried to introduce in both Death Mesa and my alternate gameplays such as BANG! Tactics. Let me explain:

  • Like Death Mesa, eliminated players will remain in the game. They remain in the game like Death Mesa ghosts, able to determine the victory of their faction. This is part of the reason I was told to remove Death Mesa from the Superior POD publisher's warehouse. It created competition in trying to resolve one of BANG!'s gameplay problems. However, I am interested to see if the Renegade stands a chance in Gold Rush. The Zombie Renegade might provide a better solution. I will work hard to compatibilize Death Mesa with Gold Rush, but it may be the case that you will have to choose one or the other.

  • Like BANG! Tactics, Gold Rush incorporates a shop into BANG! By accruing gold nuggets (there are a total of 30), players can purchase powerful cards for the shop. This adds a much better strategic element to the game.

I am hopeful that Gold Rush will be the opposite of the Wild West Show expansion. It will include 8 characters, which I hope will not be so wild, while also helping deal with a problematic game mechanic (player elimination) and furthering strategy (not randomness) through the shop.


  1. I'm very excited! I hope you will have the chance to quickly write a review.

  2. Very intresting indeed! It will be nice to see what kind of solutions they have made with the ghosts: will they draw cards from the normal deck, or do they draw from Dead Man's Deck kind of solution?
    Also, it's very intresing to see how the renegade will work.

    I also wish that the shop doesnt' bring too much new to the game.

  3. i hope the new expansion will not slow down the game but i fear it will be the case...

  4. Most of the characters have their ability associated with "gold nuggets", making them only playable with the expansion.
    Their "Shadow Gunslinger" variant is basically Ghost Town, except you have your ability and only draw 2 cards.

  5. Where did you got the information about the characters?

  6. I too am interested as to where you got the information.