Tuesday, August 30, 2011

General News Update (August 30, 2011)

I apologize that I have not posted on the blog lately with no word of explanation. I have had a wonderful event in my personal life: the birth of my first child, which is definitely (and rightfully) taking the majority of my attention. He is an awesome little guy, and I am a very proud dad (weird word to apply to myself still). However, I did want to post some updates:

Robbers' Roost: I have got Superior POD to commit to developing a color profile for the backs of the playing and character cards. I will mail my copies of cards for them to match this week. This should insure matches to the official card backs as best as possible. As for the custom cutting of the cards, I may have come up with a solution. I will try to front the cost for the cutting of 5 decks to lower the cost of the printing. You will upload the files for your personal copy as a "custom job," which will allow custom pricing to apply to your personal copy (it will add in your share of cutting the cards). Finally, I am trying to convince my sister to draw some awesome art for a tuck box for the expansion.

Death Mesa: Still working on the 12" x 18" French and Spanish translations, and I am working on 8.5" x 11" cardsheets for the Italian translation. A guidebook update should be underway sometime too.

Modding Tools: I am hoping someone will convert the IDML file of the BANG! Master Template for InDesign CS3 using InDesign CS4. Besides this, I have been working on a spreadsheet presenting a detailed analysis of the playing cards used in BANG!, Dodge City, and Robbers' Roost. Should be useful for modders.

Miscellaneous: I am still trying to finish up character guides and card explanations. Lee Van Kliff was put up today as a witness of this.


  1. Congratz on your son man. Have you taught him to play Bang! yet??

  2. I am so excited! I will get a copy as soon as all the logistics are done and RR is available


  3. I tried to teach him BANG!, showing him the cards and teaching him the rules as a bedtime story, but no real feedback from him yet. Bummer.

  4. Congratulations!!! Just lurking here and enjoying the game. Enjoy your time with your family, the blog will still be here in a weeks to come ;)