Thursday, July 28, 2011

Death Mesa: New 18" x 12" Card Sheets Available

EDIT (8/8/11): I have uploaded new versions of these files to fix some card value duplicates. Each value should be unique, creating a poker deck with the values.

Death Mesa has been pulled down from Superior POD due to the request of the BANG! rights holders. They are entering into a free print-and-play agreement with me, which will allow fans to download my files and produce for themselves one free personal copy. Hoping to aid that process, I will be releasing more of my Death Mesa files. Below is the new English edition with updated text, title resizing, embarrassing typos fixed, redrawing blurbs on the bottom right of some Death Mesa cards, a few card ability adjustments, symbols further darkened, and more.

Death Mesa 18 x 12 Cardsheet #1

Death Mesa 18 x 12 Cardsheet #2

Death Mesa 18 x 12 Cardsheet #3

I will provide a tutorial in the next day or so on how to use these files with a printing service to produce your 1 personal copy of BANG!. In the mean time, feel free to download these files now, all available in PDF format.

Download: Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Sheet 4 (Backs)


  1. oh no!

    Does that mean that RR will not be available on POD either and that we will have to do the grunt work and print and play?

    Hope it all works out!


  2. Would be interested to hear about your experiences in dealing with the rights holders.


  3. Might the improved and revised cards also be released in 8.5x11" PDF files, for those of us printing at home? (which I imagine might be many of us)

    Thanks for all you efforts getting this put together. I'm eager to try this out with my weekly gaming group.

  4. Kilan: You will be able to use these files to using a printing service (including a printer on demand) to produce a personal copy. It will just require you to do the setup with these files yourself, which is fortunately not that difficult of a process. The cutting for RR will still be a kink to work out.

    Ricochet: I will update the 8.5 x 11 as well, although the 18x12 through a printing service will be a good option for many. I will try to make it easiest for all!

  5. Crap. I hope there aren't too many changes. Can you reply in the Forum regarding the French version if you're still interested?

  6. There will be some changes. I will send you the updated text/post it on the forum. I have some friends in town visiting me, so I won't be too active online the next few days.

  7. Thanks again, Martin. Just FYI, I noticed a couple of the card values were duplicated (like Jack of Clubs I think). Not sure if that's intentional, but thought I'd point it out.

  8. Thanks, Ricochet. That was definitely not intentional--I will change the offending files today, and try to reupload tonight.