Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New BANG! Blog Forum

To further community interaction on this site, I have created a forum on the BANG! Blog. I am hoping that on this forum you will:
  1. Ask questions regarding rules and strategy for the BANG! card or video game.

  2. Provide new suggestions for content or modifications to content available on the BANG! Blog.

  3. Provide feedback/questions on Robbers' Roost and Death Mesa.

  4. Interact with one another regarding BANG! modding: post your own expansions, design files, etc. for others to enjoy and give you feedback. Feel free to also ask me modding questions (conceptualization, design, production).

I am sure there are other functions that the forum can serve. We will see how it goes at this point! To begin the forum, I have added a post regarding a new gameplay mechanic with the accessory cards that I would like some feedback on. Check out the forum here.

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